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How To Claim Cashless Car Insurance In India

Modes of private transportation, like personal vehicles, have become an integral piece of machinery in today’s daily lives. Unfortunately, one needs to note that cars run a risk of accidents while on road. In a country like India with excessive population and overburdening roads; driving is somewhat more accident-prone in comparison to many other less densely populated countries.

While there can be a thousand facets to look into while choosing your car insurance policy, some stand-out pointers must be kept in mind. Car insurance in India is highly advisable as vehicles are subject to mishaps not just by one’s own hands, but even due to fellow individuals on the road.

Amongst different insurance schemes related to cars and their coverage, cashless ones happen to be of most convenience because of several reasons. Firstly, they are hassle-free, and the insured does not have to endure lengthy procedures for insurance claims, legal proceedings; along with an assurance of the entire repair job to be done. A motor insurance policy like that provides peace of mind in case something goes wrong.

Simple few procedures define cashless car insurance policy. In these schemes, one can benefit in a hassle-free way since most reputed insurance companies have ties with service sectors. As per the contract, the company themselves handle all the necessary activities.

Let’s take a look at how to claim cashless car insurance policy in India.

  • Immediately inform the insurer via phone or email regarding the incident and initiate the process to settle the claim.

  • Secure the necessary documents required to submit for the settlement process. Make sure to keep the repair bills, police report, and other relevant documents as mentioned by the insurer.

  • Follow the steps detailed by the insurer to complete the process and settle the issue.

Here is the detailed step-by-step breakdown of the process.

  1. Inform the authority

The first step in case one faces a mishap, be it an accident or theft of the car, is to inform the insurance company. After this simple step, insurers can start processing the claim request for that particular car insurance policy. Early intimation of a mishap also helps in settling the claim because the company gets directly involved in the intricate proceedings that follow.

It should also include the police. Any accident or stealing must be brought to immediate notice of the authority, with due reporting done in details. In case of an accident, if necessary, medical aid should also be immediately called for.

  1. Damage to the car

In case of any major damage, the third party car insurance company should be immediately informed. One should also carefully note the remarks made by the police and car service centre as these details might prove imperative while claiming the insurance policy.

Moving of a damaged vehicle is discouraged because of two major reasons. Firstly, the hassle might attract additional cost and safety hazards, and secondly, involving the company makes it an easier claim.

  1. Inspection

A detailed report is prepared after an agent comes down to inspect the car and takes necessary photographs. It is also this agent’s responsibility to take the vehicle for repair to authorised service centres. The whole procedure of repairing begins with this inspection, and it necessarily needs to be done by someone from the car insurance company.

  1. Estimation and claim

Once a vehicle is transported to a service centre, an exact estimation of expenditures of repairing is presented. It is only when the agent presents this estimation along with a report of the accident, and its cost is approved; a service centre repairs the vehicle.

Cashless car insurance policies are way more convenient than conventional insurance schemes, especially with a claimant-friendly approach and setup. New offerings like that of car insurance online are also being introduced, where anyone interested can simply insure his or her car from home itself.


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