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How To Apply For Student Visa Subclass 500

The student visa subclass 500 aims those people who intend to study in Australia on a permanent basis in a training institute of accredited type for a minimum of 3 years. For evaluating the pleas of student visa liability of a fresh migration architecture implied as SSVF (simplified student visa framework) are considered. The candidates would be categorized as streamlined or regular depending on the nation and supplier of passport.

If the application of visa falls under:

  • Streamlined category, it is not mandatory for presenting the evidence of economic stability and English language proficiency

  • Regular category, it is mandatory to complete the economic stability and English language proficiency


The visa subclass 500 holder could:

  • Work for fixed hours

  • Stay in Australia until completion of the course

  • Learn a course of full-time type in a training school that is recognized officially

Basic requisites


The applier student visa subclass 500 must hand over evidence of admission at the time of registration of the application. Various migration agents Perth are always ready to provide proper guidance and make things simpler for the applicants mainly in the necessary documents gathering.

  • If the appeal is made outside Australia then COE is required for every study form

  • If the appeal is made inside Australia, Letter of offer could do the same job in place of COE

Personality and Medical coverage

  • Candidates of visa must meet the requisites of medical. They are compelled to go through the evaluation of medical type as a procedure visa pleas part and could choose to submit them before the registration of plea of visa.

  • Character requisites must be met by the candidates of the visa

  • Applicants of visa must have the entire coverage of medical which could be received by OSHC (Oversea student health cover) in Australia

GTE (Genuine temporary entrant)

The GTE is considered to be meant for making assurance about the planned use of a scheme of 500 visa scheme. This is because a lot of students from abroad used this visa for controlling continuous occupancy in Australia. The requisites of GTE concern the entire aspirants of visas. The agent examines the entire application of visa regarding the condition of the candidate for staying in Australia for short term.

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Professional and certification background

The applicants of the student visa 500 must provide the evidence of service that is existing and certification of a scholar.

The satisfaction of guardian and wellbeing preparation

  • If a student is below 18 years of age then both or one of the parents must fill the application form of 1229 and agree with it for the request of a visa of the students.

  • For the candidate who is below 18 years of age need accommodation proof in Australia at the time of registration of visa plea.

Admission independent institute

If the student is below 18 years of age then admission proof in the Institute of Australia is necessary.

Further requisites

The students are bound to score a good mark in the exam of English language like OET, CAE, PTE, TOEFL, and IELTS.

Requirements for economic stability

  • Enough money for managing the travel expenditure to Australia, coaching, learning, and residing expenditures and acquaintances.

  • Evidence that the primary aspirant’s acquaintances are financially aided.

  • AASES (Acceptance Advice of Secondary Exchange Students) form

  • Sponsorship letter from the Foreign Affairs department or defense department.

The candidate of a primary type must have enough finances to aid the self and the entire accumulated acquaintances as needed by the essentials of economic stability. To get more knowledge about the visa subclass 500 it is better to communicate with the Migration Agent Perth and Immigration Agent Perth.


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