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Hopscotching Way for Best of Stouffville

Hopscotching Way for Best of Stouffville

Each season brings its special wonders to pop but winter is the best time of the year welcomed by Halloween then thanksgiving (and the yummy turkey) and finally the cherry on the cake top, Christmas.

December is fast approaching and there are lots of things need to be done before the arrival of Christmas. Planning a family vacay this winter is a huge deal. Why? Once the kids start to move out well, all there left are the memories…and to live in these memories, you need to create new ones.

This time it’s a time to travel to Stouffville, one of the fast-growing communities of the country.

It’s not only a small town’s appeal…

People might say big cities and the rush hours are stress but still, they aren’t able to handle the small towns like travelers. I’m not complaining about anything but I had always preferred to visit smaller areas, believing they have more character in them. Traveling around the town on Stouffville airport limo made the trip easier and fascinating with my family.

Stouffville ages like a fine wine

While loading my luggage on the limo I realized that there’s a lot of appeal to this town than it meets the eye or so I had heard from my grandparents once.

Planning with teenagers is easier said than done, so I better decided to give in the reigns to my kids, Jackie and Logan (yes I know, quite a fan of X-Men series).

Mom lets go to Cedar BEACK PARK! The pictures on Instagram are cool!” Logan, my sweet 16-year girl said. And who am I to say no to the first pick of the day?

Starting the day early in a summer camp’s style from the early 80’s we put our steps to the private beach promising us the time of the day. Shores are pretty much shallow here but the buoys get deeper though. I took onto the kayak race, which had my kids falling out of the kayak while I laughed until tears flowed through my eyes. And my poor babies had to swim back to the shore in utter defeat. But later, they were just happy to catch some gorgeous array of fishes and cook them the real camper style.

With a convenient location, it’s just an hour’s drive from Toronto, so with our Stouffville airport limo, we didn’t have to worry about it though.

Though one thing to remember by: if you are planning to visit Cedar Beach Park is that the water is cold, it’s the start of November so parents beware of the chills!

Stouffville airport limo my wish is to…

It’s my turn now,” said Jackie, my 14-year-old boy cut me short when I was about to make the wish for the next stop, “I want to visit the Timber Creek Golf!”

Yes well, I did say they could plan the destinations now did I?

Unfortunately, the second round trip was shortened by the fact that it was closed and was to be opened by the spring of 2020. Although it is an adventure miniature golf area with lots of outdoor fun to have like driving range, batting cages, gemstone mining area and so on…such a shame my son didn’t get the chance for the thrilling episode.

A mother can never look at their kids with a straight face when they look like a sad emojis, so the super mom I was, I made sure to make our third stop for the day that would be enjoyable by all.

The Heart of Stouffville Leisure Centre

The heart of attraction for every millennial is the Whitchurch Stouffville leisure centre. I knew it instantly I could see my teen’s eyes twinkling with excitement.

There’s a large swimming pool, a great fitness centre, community spaces and well the most amazing gymnasium. The gymnasium follows up the priory schedule for the entire week. You can either get to see from the bleachers or take a class or two, the experience is quite agitating.

And yes there’s the library too, for someone like me that was an ending my day on a good note. But what made my day happy was the fact that I got to spend time travelling and visiting the places around town while my kids still got time for me.

Heart to heart with parents…

To all parents out there, no matter where you are, this time you have now with kids made it worth your while! Nothing can make you miss it more than the time gone by. Travel with your future generation!

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