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Hoover Dam Tours

When you decide to take up one of the Hoover Dam tours available with the various tourist operators, it is essential to get some information about what to expect so that you finalize on the best available deal.

Hoover Dam is the highest concrete dam in the Western Hemisphere, with a height of more than 725 feet above the Colorado River. It is also the country’s largest hydroelectric power facilities with 4 billion kilowatts of energy produced in a year by its 17 generators, and also supplies water to the farmers in the vicinity.

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Two kinds of tour packages are offered to the visitors. One of them includes the Hoover Dam power plant tour that is broken up into several components at various location. This tour lasts about two hours, but the visitors can choose the locations they want to see and eliminate the rest. The highlight of the tour is a 500-foot descent to the place where the power plant generators are located. The views include those of the Colorado River and Lake Mead, and also the unobstructed look at the dam’s mechanical components. The visitors get to stand on the 30-foot pipe where they can feel the gushing of the Colorado River inside it. There are various other stops on the top of the Dam.

The second package includes many more options available including the Power Plant tour, like access to the visitor’s center, observation deck, and the original Hoover Dam exhibit building. This tour also includes entry into the inspection tunnels and peeking out of the vents to view the river below.


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