Here are the List of Return Gifts Ideas for Kids below 5 years

All geared up for your kid’s birthday party? Throwing a party involves lots of work and planning. Deciding the theme, ordering the pastries and delicacies, inviting the guests, and of course decorating the venue, though it’s your living room, and the list goes on. The greatest efforts are however spent on deciding the return gifts. To help you make better decisions, here are top return gift ideas for kids below 5 years of age.

1. Clay kits:
Multiple colours make the kids jump with joy. Let them try their hands and become creative. Gift them clay kits, and they definitely would fall in love and spend quality time shaping their imagination. They fall into any budget, and you can get them for 50 INR, and perfect for kids of the age group 4 to 5 years.

2. Stuffed animals:
Stuffed animals of all sorts are always the safest choice when you are hunting to gifts for kids of 3 to 5 years. They can be got in a variety of sizes and budgets. Ranging from 100 INR, you can get them for any price. Hunt them from places where you get them for a wholesale price, if you need lots of them.

3. Puzzles:
Want to get gifts that would keep toddlers busy? Puzzles are apt for kids of 5 years. This is again going to satisfy the parents too. You can find branded puzzles from 100 INR. Choose the puzzles that would suit the age group. Complex puzzles can disappoint the kids.

4. Piggy banks:
The return gifts for kids that would encourage them to save are the coin banks or piggy banks. They serve a purpose, and available in adorable designs. All the favourite jan cartoon characters are sported designs. You can find them for 75 INR. Unique designs for each child can be found, even if you are going to gather a huge gang.

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5. Lunch boxes, bottles, pencil boxes:
You can find each of them from 50 INR, and they range even up to 200 INR. Gift them as a package, or individual pieces. A great advantage is that you can get boxes and bottles to match the theme in most cases with ease. These are great gifts for boys and girls over three years of age.

Image result for Colour Burst © Personalized Pencil Case perfico

6. Kaleidoscope:
Another neutral gift that is apt for children over four years of age is the kaleidoscope. They are fun to play with and colourful. Grab them for 100 INR.

7. Snow Globes:
Do you have the little kids visiting the party? Then get them something interesting. The snow globe is the top option. This unique gift is apt for children of age 1 and above. For a small-sized snow globe, you need to pay 75 INR, and the cost varies with the size.

8. Pop up storybooks:
Another gift for the tiny tots of 1 or 2 years, is the pop-up storybook. Reading through them is fun, and also kindles their imagination. You can get these for around 100 INR, and are available in all book stores.

9. Personalized shoe bags, ruck bags, pouches, and backpacks:
You can offer a personalized touch by getting ruck bags, pouches, shoe bags and backpacks with the name of the little ones. You can get these bags with initials, making your task easier from significant stores. However, they can cost more, and the personalized backpacks can cost more than 500 INR, and shoe bags cost 300 INR.

10. Glow in the dark stars:
The best gift for all age groups, and can be used for months is the glow in the dark stars. Perfect for all age groups, they can fit into the budget of 200 INR.

Apart from these, if you would get unplanned young guests, stock some crayons and colouring books. They brighten the day of the tiny tots.

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