It’s pretty frustrating when all of a sudden your WiFi gets interrupted amid you’re online media streaming or completing your office assignment. There might be a decent signal in some proportion of your premise, but yet there are WiFi dead zones elsewhere.

So who is the culprit? No, it’s not your router. In fact, it is the router’s limited WiFi range and increasing WiFi consumption by the users. 

According to IT market intelligence report, each house in the US today has more than eight devices connected to the Internet. Each of these devices is used either for HD media streaming, live video calls or online gaming. Which all are the excessive bandwidth-consuming activities? Apart from that, most of the router’s wireless range is not enough to cover your whole house or workplace, (especially if it’s a multi-story building).  

That is why most of the routers are unable to blanket your whole premise with a uniform WiFi distribution. Overall, the extension of WiFi has now become a necessity and not a need.

Linksys wireless range extender, as the name itself, indicates, extend the signal range of wireless routers. Linksys Extender Setup helps you drop annoying WiFi dead spots at ease, providing a more extensive WiFi coverage area. 


                              Key Points To Get Best Of Linksys WiFi Extender

Imply these given tips while using your extender to experience its best performance.

Tip 1 Follow the correct Setup Guidelines

Prior to setting up your extender, you must first dig into the extender’s manual to be aware of the accurate setup technique. There are various guidelines provided in the manual such as where to log in for the initial configuration and much more. Following these guidelines will help you to eliminate various setup related errors. These errors include – Can’t connect to Linksys Extender, WiFi extender setup page not loading, etc.

Tip 2 Look out for an adequate Spot
It is always recommended to place your wireless extender halfway amid the WiFi dead zone area and the router. The most common and worst fault that users make is to place the extender in the area where they want to have a Wi-Fi network. You must know that doing so does not help in getting the wireless signals to hard-to-reach spots.  The extender should be placed within the range of wireless router so that it can enhance the signals to reach the desired site.

Tip 3 Always check the SSID
WiFi networks are always assigned with a different SSID, different from your router’s network. This is because – the users can manually connect to the extender’s network when they feel they are out of range of the router’s network.

Tip 4 Reconnect manually when disconnected
In somehow you get disconnected from the extender’s network, it will not get auto connected. Instead, you will have reconnected to the network manually. Most of the users think that they’ ll get auto-connected but that is just their assumption. 

Tip 5  Form a chain if you have an enormous area to cover
This tip is only for those who have a huge area (workplace or huge mansion). You can use multiple extenders to form a chain configuration to achieve adequate wireless coverage from far left to the far right of your premise. For getting rid of any Linksys WiFi range extender setup issues, you can rely on Linksys Support.

Tip 6  Get Maximum Connectivity With Dual Extenders

For users looking for a solution for a particular floor of their office or house which has enormous length area, using dual extender will act as a boon. All you have to do is, place the router in the middle of the area and the extenders on either side of the router. In this way, you can meet the maximum connectivity on both ends of the house or office. 

So far, the Linksys WiFi range extenders are one of the leading gadgets available in the market to make your house WiFi leakage free. Using the above-mentioned tips by Support for your extender’s usage will add the cherry on the cake. 

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