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Feet and Toe Injury Compensation Claim

The human foot has a complex structure with small bones, ligaments, nerves, joints, and tendons. If your foot gets injured in an accident your mobility will be directly affected. A foot injury is caused by the road accident, traffic accident, accident at work or slip and trip.

Types of Foot Injuries

Acute Foot Injuries

Acute foot injuries are the actually the result of car or bike accident. That includes ligament, wounds, ruptured tendons, joint sprains, strains and various types of fractured or dislocated bones.

Heel Bone Fracture

Usually, these injuries occur due to car accident and accident at work when a brutal force crushes the heel and fragment of the bone. In the treatment, surgery is highly required to place the bone right with metal plate and screws.

Metatarsal Fractures

Injuries to the metatarsal are common. They can occur by just twisting the foot when stepping uneven surface, can occur from fall, work accident, or car accident.

If surgery is not included in treating injury these fractures usually take eight to ten weeks to recover. If didn’t treat well, full healing may never occur which means you will never return to your normal routine activities.

What to do after Injury?

First of all, you should look for medical attention after the injury. A delay in the medical treatment could worsen the injury.

It is important to get the evidence, you can use it to strengthen your Compensation claim.

These are some things that can help you to support your compensation claim.

  • Take photos that show the cause of the accident clearly
  • Get the contact detail of eye witnessed present at the accident time
  • Get medical attention immediately after an accident and save all evidence of medical treatment and damage severity proofs.

Time limitation to claim compensation

The countdown time of the compensation claim starts after the accident. The time to claim injury Compensation is 2 to 3 year in the UK.

This time limit can be changed due to some reasons,

  • If the victim is less than eighteen years the claim countdown will start after the eighteenth birthday
  • You notice the damage to your body part years after the injury then your time will start after the notice of injury
  • You were paralyzed then the time will start after the normal condition of your body

Hiring Personal Injury Solicitors

If you were involved in an accident with no fault or due to someone else negligence that damaged your feet and toe, you can claim compensation. For this, you will need an expert personal injury solicitor to deal with the liable person. He will collect the evidence about the accident occurrence and body damage.

Your Personal Injury Solicitors Burnley can seek the help of medical staff to know the severity and the damage to your body. Experienced solicitors make the claim sheet according to the damage and the loss due to the accident. It’s up to the liable person that he agrees on settlement talk or takes them to the solicitor court.

If the liable person agrees on the recommended compensation amount in settlement talks, the case will be close. If they disagree, the solicitor court will start hearings, after the checking of evidence and completion of hearings the solicitor court will issue a compensation claim and punished to the liable person who tried to waste the court precious time.

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