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Experts opinion on best bottle warmers

Caring for a baby takes a lot of time, so parents will love the bottle warmer. Fast, practical and compact, it is an essential accessory at home and outdoors. It comes in several versions to suit all needs.

Facilitate your life as a parent with the bottle warmer.

To save time, opt for an “express” bottle warmer with which your baby’s meal will be warmed up in seconds. The “nomadic” versions offer a heating time a little longer than a few minutes.

Some intuitive models automatically determine the duration depending on the food and the quantity, which prevents overheating.

In order not to be limited in the use of the device, choose one that is universal. In this way, you can use it with any brand of baby bottle regardless of size or type (silicone, plastic or glass). For parents of twins, triplets … the number of bottles heated simultaneously is a primary criterion.

Your children will be able to eat hot at the same time and it will save you the crises.
There are several types of bottle warmers (standard, express, travel, car, and wireless).

Choose by taking into account your movements with baby and your needs. If you plan to use a car, make sure it can be plugged into the cigarette lighter. saimdeals.com have the list of best bottle warmer of the year and have buyers reviews which help in decision making.

Audible and visual indicators are essential for this type of device. They warn you of the end of reheating and inform you of the change to warming mode and automatic shutdown.

As with all devices used to prepare meals for a young child, hygiene is important. Be aware that the “auto-clean” function is only available on certain models. Others are also compatible with small pots. In both cases, the advantage is to have a 2-in-1 device.

The many benefits of a bottle warmer

In order to relieve the parents as much as possible, the bottle warmer does not require many adjustments. Just plug it in, choose the thermostat, put the baby bottle or pot in it and it will warm it up to the ideal temperature (about 37 ° C).

The other advantage is that it automatically switches to heat-up mode to keep the meal at a good temperature for a few minutes or a few hours. The LED lights and sound are there to tell you constantly where is the reheating.

Unlike a bain-marie, it saves you from having to stay close during the warm-up time to monitor what’s going on. In addition, it is faster while maintaining the nutritional qualities and vitamins of milk or food to heat and you will also check this Jaipur city tour package.

Indeed, the bottle warmer warms only without bringing to a boil so that there is no risk that baby burns with his meal. It is also a multifunction device that can be used to sterilize and defrost.

Different types of bottle warmers

The choice of parents often focuses on the standard bottle feeder that is compatible with all brands. It is also fast, easy to use and accurate. Some are equipped with a temperature-sensitive function that regulates the temperature of the bottle, others offer defrosting or sterilization mode.

The wireless version or a nomad or autonomous warms by twisting the capsule and then keep warm for hours thanks to its insulated pouch and its neoprene cover. To reactivate it, simply sterilize for 10 minutes if it is with an electric sterilizer and 20 minutes if it is boiling water.

The travel bottle warmer is useful for frequent trips with the baby. The principle is to fill the container with warm water from the bottle supplied with the device, to immerse the bottle in it and to close the hermetic lid. The milk is heated to the correct temperature after 2.5 minutes.

The “car” model comes with an extendable cable that connects to the cigarette lighter. Its main advantage is its small size which allows it to store it without a problem in the glove box or to put it on the cupholder. It is usually equipped with a self-cleaning function. By cons, it takes about ten minutes for the heating time.


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