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Enterprise cloud storage: protection from ransomware

Enterprise cloud storage is prevention from Ransomware. With addition of important and sensitive data every second, how can any user be sure that their data is truly secure? Imagine logging in one day and getting to know that all of your data has been stolen or corrupted? That’s what ransomware does.

Ransomware has become a big threat for businesses, ever since the internet bubble burst and businesses started to digitally transform; the threat of ransomware became even more real.

Data loss tends to be quite devastating for businesses. In a world threatened by ransomware, enterprise cloud storage offers businesses the hope that they still have a secure way to store their data.

Ransomware attacks have been a matter of concern for many big and small companies around the world. Whether it be a hospital, bank, or any other large enterprise, the threat of data loss is always there. But how can enterprise data storage protect us from ransomware. Let’s discuss.

How ransomware can attack?

The most common method of sending a virus is through phishing. Phishing is a method to access your data through scams, deceptive emails and webistes.

When studying history in this regards, the first ever case witnessed was around 1991 when a biologists spread ransomware by sending the floppy disks through surface mail to other researchers. Similarly, we can find that in the mid-‘00s, Archiveus was a malicious software which used encryption to attack the data. Over the years, ransomware has put companies into deep crisis. One big ransomware attack was CryptoLocker, which occurred in 2013 while infecting more than 250,000 systems from September to December.

Enterprise Cloud Storage vs. Ransomware

We won’t say that enterprise cloud storage is a magical bulletproof solution for all kinds of ransomware attacks. Though enterprise cloud storage gives some sense of security and protection of data, still there are some gaps which need to be filled.  For instance, data synchronization allows ransomware to rip through data security causing the cloud copy to become infected as well.

Organizations are always in search of finding a more robust solution to this problem. It is because of the deceptive nature of ransomware which affects the entire system before its detection. There are several instances where a ransomware lies dormant within the storage system and tracks repositories before affecting the system and the connected storage repositories and devices.

Notpetya is one such ransomware which affected systems beyond local and physical storage.

What enterprise cloud storage can do to protect your data?

Enterprise cloud storage help in fighting against those data damaging ransomware. There is no need to fear about losing your data because of ransomware.

One strategy in enterprise cloud storage is Cloud Identity and Access Management. This gives access to only authorized users. Not only this, it gives more access to the administrators to check what is going on in the organization. So, in this way, it limits the possibility of any damage occurrence by any other unauthorized user.

Another strategy is versioning. It simply restores the data back to the previous version before the updated version.

Enterprise cloud storage is an efficient solution to ransomware attacks. Enterprise cloud storage and cloud technology plays an integral role in fight against cyber-threats like ransomware. With enterprise cloud storage technology, daily backups keep data readily available all time without any effect of virus.

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