Dress tips for Prewedding shoot with your bridesmaid

Dress-up best for Pre-wedding shoot- refer here for a perfect buy

Outshine in the trend of the pre-wedding shoot by choosing the right attire for your pre-wedding shoot. Besides the location of a pre-wedding shoot, the photographer you hire or the set-up you have chosen, an apt dress for the pre-wedding photo shoot is always very important for the bride and the groom to help them highlight in their pre-wedding photoshoot. So, you must carefully purchase nice dresses for your pre-wedding photoshoot in Delhi or elsewhere, preferably after an extensive search. Here are a few things that you can keep in mind while selecting a dress for your pre-wedding photoshoot in Delhi or elsewhere.

Your attire should go with the theme of the pre-wedding photoshoot you have chosen. If the pre-wedding location in Gurgaon or Delhi or at any other place has a traditional theme depicting Punjabi village, Gujarati culture, etc. then the location and the theme demands a traditional outfit. However, if you have chosen a location like Goa or a western set-up or Bollywood set-up or pre-wedding photoshoot in a farmhouse etc. then the dress will be different from what you can select for a pre-wedding shoot on a fantasy set-up with moon and stars or similar another unique theme. Thus, depending upon the theme of the selected pre-wedding location in Gurgaon or at any other place, you can select a formal or casual outfit for your pre-wedding shoot. Another important aspect to consider while selecting your pre-wedding shoot dress is the attire of your soulmate. It depends on the bride and the groom to conduct the pre-wedding photoshoot in matching color/style of the dress or shooting in the contrasting color/style. In either case, the selected dress should enhance your personality of the bride and the groom and should complement the bonding of the couple. You can select best by trying over a few dresses and then visualizing how the dresses under consideration can compliment you in the final video output and then finalize one accordingly. You can also take the help of an established dress designer for the purpose. 

Usually too flashy or too simple dress is not preferred for a photoshoot in Delhi or anywhere. Remember, this video will be exhibited in your wedding ceremonies and you will use these photos to flaunt on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networking websites besides decorating walls of your home with these pictures. Thus, they have to be amazing pieces of work by the photographer you hire. Your selected outfit reflects your personality, mood, and chemistry with your spouse and so, undoubtedly it should be special. Do not overlook comfort for style. Buy a dress which you can carry with flair. The fabric of the dress chosen can also be taken into consideration, chiffon saree, georgette/net/satin gown, casual dresses of cotton/linen/other soothing fabric are all-time favorites of women for prewedding shoot. Men can either wear a formal suit or a nice matching pant and shirt with or without a waistcoat. Nehru jacket is also in trend for those who want to blend tradition and sobriety with style. If desired, Indo western style can also be opted by men provided the theme of the pre-wedding photoshoot and the bride’s dress supports it. Some of the dresses that the bride and groom can choose are listed below:


  • Evening Gown
  • Midi Dress
  • Dhoti/Patiala salwar/palazzo with a crop top
  • Dungarees
  • Punjabi Suit/
  • Anarkali Suit
  • Saree
  • Lehenga


  • T-shirt (round or V-neck) with Jeans/shorts
  • Blazer over a round neck or high neck T-shirt/sweater
  • Pathani Suit
  • Kurta Pajama
  • Nehru Jacket over kurta pajama or Shirt and Trouser
  • Formal Suit

In addition to selecting designer formal or casual dresses for your pre-wedding photoshoot in Delhi or at other locations, hiring a make-up artist and hairstylist is recommended for the couple so that the best of you can be picturized by a renowned photographer which you must have chosen. Either you can arrange for the grooming team on your own or you can also check with your photographer if he facilitates for them at the location you have selected for your pre-wedding photoshoot in Delhi, Gurgaon or elsewhere.

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