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Don’t forget to pack mobile home insurance this summer

Mobile home as the name implies is a home built on a vehicle. It is also called as a manufactured home. Mobile home on a road is considered as a vehicle or treated as a car and when it is parked in a mobile home park it is considered as a house.

A mobile home on a road attracts all the taxes of a car as long as it is on the road. Mobile home or caravan insurance can also be insured like any other car but with certain special considerations. Insurance should not only be done for safety purpose but the insurance should also fall within your budget.

What are the types of Insurance for mobile homes?

The basic Mobile home Insurance Ireland for a mobile home is similar to a normal home and has two basic policies. One is for the physical damage coverage of the home and another is personal liability coverage for you.

The physical damage coverage protects the vehicle from natural calamities like hail, wind, rain and from others like fire, theft, and vandalism. A regular policy does not come into effect when the vehicle is on the move and it applies only when the vehicle is parked.  

The personal liability coverage protects when a person or a property is damaged by you or your vehicle. It includes medical expenses, property damage or any other damages to the assets of other persons and this liability policy does not cover damages to you or your family members or your house.

Flooding is not generally covered in a regular policy and if you are parking your mobile home in flood-prone zones then you should purchase a flood insurance policy separately.

There are also many other optional coverage policies which can be purchased according to the needs of the situation. It is always safe to buy insurance for your mobile home as there is every chance for a vehicle or the home to get damaged for various reasons either in transit or in a parking place.

 Why is it necessary to have Insurance for Mobile homes?

Caravan Insurance Ireland is similar to mobile home insurance. The only difference between the two is, a Caravan is toed with a vehicle while a mobile home is on the vehicle itself. Both caravan and mobile home have to be insured under home insurance with additional features while the vehicle is insured under a motor insurance policy.

There is no compulsion for the mobile home or caravan to be insured under the law while the vehicle insurance is a must under vehicle insurance. But when you like to park your vehicle in a mobile home park the owner might like to verify your insurance credentials as mobile homes are prone to fire damages because of the kitchen in it.

Mobile homes are not cheap and you need to spend a considerable amount to possess a mobile home or a caravan. When the money spent for a home is high it is better to safeguard it by the insurance method. 

Cost for other damages for your vehicle or buy your vehicle would be high if it damages other vehicles parked near it. So, it is always better to protect your vehicle for various issues that might surface at an unexpected time.

Summer is the time when you travel a lot and as a traveler, you need to park in various places. Plan your policies in such a manner to gain the maximum benefits during summer. Summer is the favorite time for fire accidents. As your vehicle is with a home and a kitchen it is safe to protect yourself with a good policy.

It is always advisable to purchase an insurance policy after consulting a good insurance expert. The mobile home needs a good policy to cover its risk options and you buy a good insurance policy to safeguard yourself from any type of risk as a mobile home is prone to damages as it always on a move.

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