Does The Child Not Want To Sleep? Some Practical Advice

Night rest is very important for young and old. After long days, always very busy, bedtime is often a long-awaited moment, especially from parents. Sometimes, however, it can happen that the time to go to sleep turns into a real nightmare. When the child does not want to sleep, in fact, often a vicious circle of stress and agitation is created, which seems to increasingly distance the time of night rest. Sometimes, the time to go to bed turns into a real war. The result is nervousness and desperate cries from which it is often difficult to get out.


One often wonders why, although fatigue is evident and the time is late, the child does not want to sleep. In reality, it works a bit like in all of us: there may be several reasons why the child does not want to sleep.

It sounds trivial, but the first question to ask is the simplest. Does the baby sleep the right amount of hours? Parents often wonder if their baby is sleeping enough. Almost hands, however, are evaluated if the child sleeps too many hours compared to those he needs. Growing up, babies need less sleep and maybe the difficulty in getting to sleep at night can be linked to this. In these cases it can be very useful to keep a diary to note the amount of hours the little one sleeps. It is important to calculate both the hours of night sleep and the afternoon naps.

It is also essential to consider if you are bringing children to bed at the right time. It seems obvious, but accompanying the children to sleep when they are too tired or, on the contrary, when they are not sleepy, they risk becoming counterproductive. In fact, when they are very tired, children become nervous and easily irritated. Thus, it will be very difficult to get them to sleep. Often, moreover, the frustration of mum and dad in making them sleep increases their nervousness, which inevitably also falls on the little ones. At the same time, even when children are not sleepy they will struggle to fall asleep. The best solution, therefore, could be to observe the child, trying to understand what signs show when he is tired and accompany him to bed by following his rhythms.


Consider the right hours to devote to sleep, if the child does not want to sleep other factors can be investigated. Sometimes, for example, a particularly intense day does not allow one to fall asleep easily. This happens to adults, but also to little ones. Particularly agitated physical days make it difficult to fall asleep. How many times does it happen that when they return from the pool or playground, the children seem even more excited and full of energy instead of being tired? For this reason it is advisable to avoid very agitated games in the evening hours. It is more appropriate, instead, to dedicate the moments before going to bed to quiet activities that promote relaxation.

When we talk about intense days, however, we don’t just mean physical movement. Even days full of strong emotions, whether of joy, but also of worries, fears, anger or sadness, do not allow the child to relax and sleep peacefully. Even children, like adults, can have a head full of thoughts and this can make sleep very difficult. It may be thoughts about what has already happened or things that could happen.

Sometimes, even the fear of having bad dreams plays bad jokes: maybe a recurring nightmare, or real night terror, leads the child to not wanting to sleep.


We must not forget that the time to go to sleep is a real separation from mom and dad, as well as from the world around him. We consider that falling asleep involves a separation from the reality of reality. Separation from mum and dad, from her own things and her own security. Sleeping means abandoning yourself and leaving the real world, every day. For this reason, sometimes the child does not want to sleep. It is an unconscious fear, which can agitate the child and make him restless. Depending on the age and the situations you are experiencing, in fact, there may be times when children struggle more to separate to go to bed. Also for this reason, it can be useful to transform the moment before going to sleep in a special space in which to dedicate some quality time.


Before bedtime, it is good to avoid exciting and activating games. Instead, it is important to introduce quiet and relaxing situations before approaching bedtime, so as to gradually accompany the child to rest. There may be rituals or small recurrent behaviors, which help the child to anticipate the arrival of the moment of sleep.

Create routines helps children to indulge in sleep in a serene and reassuring manner. Normally, bedtime rituals should not exceed half an hour. This moment should always be the same, so as to be predictable for the child. These are some simple and clear passages. For example: brushing your teeth, putting on your pajamas, getting into bed and reading two goodnight stories together. Each family can structure the sleep routine according to their habits. It is important, however, that the activities are always similar and performed in the same order. Obviously there may be exceptions, but it is important that they remain so. Although very difficult, it is good that this routine is maintained over time, even when you are tired or, of course,


How long does it take for the child to sleep? In reality it is not possible to define a priori when the situation deserves further study. Much depends on how the child is, if the difficulty in going to sleep is a constant or if it has emerged suddenly. It is important to assess whether the episodes in which the child does not want to sleep are sporadic and occur in particular situations, or if they begin to become continuous over time. It can also be useful to observe the general behavior of the child during the day, to understand if there may be something that makes it particularly sensitive. It is also important to note if the difficulty in falling asleep influences the child’s vitality and energy during the day.

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