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Do You Need to Include Links to Social Networks in your Resume

It is always up to you if you include links to social networks to your resume, but there are a few deciding factors. If you are going to work in the technology industry, the creative industry, or if your job features online elements, then it may be worth putting links to social networks in your resume. Even the president of the United States has a Twitter account, so it is fair to say that social media is part of our current culture and zeitgeist. A few years ago, it may have seemed pretentious to put links to websites and social media profiles, but these days they are almost an extension of your resume.

How May Links To Your Social Networks Help You?


Add as many as you have, just make sure that they are all set up in a way that will help you get a job. Curate them to be sure nothing employer-unfriendly finds its way onto them. You may have to block a few of your more unsavory friends from posting on your profile.


How Links To Your Social Networks May Harm You


Posting them on your resume when they are not necessary or out of place is probably a bad thing. There are some jobs where your social media profiles will mean nothing because they have very little to do with the selection process. For example, if you were applying to transport prisoners, you would undergo a deep background check, but your application will look a little unprofessional if you try to brag via your social media profile (apart from maybe LinkedIn).


The Benefits Of More Than One Social Media Profile


Let us get down to a few nitty-gritty ideas that some people like and some people find distasteful. Let’s say you are going for a lot of jobs because you are not sure what you want to do with your life right now. If that is the case, why not set up several social media profiles to suit the different types of career you are exploring.


For example, maybe you are keen on being a computer animator, and maybe working with animals, and maybe looking for a job in management. In these cases, you may apply for different jobs in each industry and wait to see which get in touch. In such a case, why not create a separate set of social media profiles for each. All you have to do is set them up with different email addresses (which are typically free), fill them out, and update them once or twice per week.


Obviously, you would fill each social media profile up to suit the job you are going for. For example, you may fill up one social media account with all the animal experience you have and with pictures of you with animals, and then link to that social media profile in your resume when you apply for animal-care jobs. Just make sure you use the correct email address when you apply for the job because they may look you up via your email address. For example, if you set up a “I want to be a manager” Facebook page, and yet you apply for management job with the same email that you set up your animal-friendly social media profile with, then the employer may be able to find your animal-friendly profile using your email address.



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