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Learn About How Smoking Effect You And What Happens to you When You Quit Smoking?

Why do I smoke when I am stressed?

Whenever you are anxious, nervous or stressed out and the first thing in that situation is lighting up a cigarette then you are one of many stress smokers. Yes, people who smoke whenever they are stressed are called stress smoker. There are several reasons for it. Smoking in stressful situations calms you down makes you feel relaxed. We have heard it from different smokers, and it is a general perception. Everyone around us does this. Most people in such a situation just do the same as everyone else does claim it to be relaxing, lighting up a cigarette without having any second thoughts, resultantly, they feel calm and relaxed.

Can I stop Smoking Suddenly?

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Quitting smoking is extremely good for one’s health but, quitting it abruptly might not be possible as you might feel more craving of a cigarette just to quench your thirst for nicotine. Therefore, there are two methods to quit smoking one is to stop smoking abruptly and the second method is to gradually decrease the number of Cigarette Boxes you are smoking each day and then ultimately leave it. Several types of research have been conducted on the same topic, and the results were not were encouraging. To some extent it may be a matter of will power, people with stronger will power may find it easy not to smoke again, but people with lower will power utilizing the abruptly quitting strategy may fall prey to smoking.

How long does anxiety last after smoking?

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There is a general perception, some may even call it a myth that smoking is relaxing and causes anxiety to disappear. Some people even do it to be more relaxed. On the other hand, some people find this completely false and they are never willing to believe, smoking is relaxing. It does make your head dizzy but at what cost? You might not even know. According to researches anxiety and nicotine are related, but that relaxant feeling lasts for a few minutes and after that one starts feeling anxious again unless you solve the issue bothering you.

Is Smoking, Good for Depression?

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A large number of researches and in-depth studies have been conducted about the relations between depression and anxiety and they have pointed out that, the ratio of an adult with depression smoking cigarettes is twice as high as the ratio of an adult without depression. Therefore, we can very safely assume that depression and smoking are directly related. Smoking is a source of nicotine which is responsible for the release of a chemical ‘dopamine’. Dopamine is involved in triggering positive feelings, which is available in lesser quantity among people with depression. Therefore, most people assume smoking treats depression.

Is Stress more Harmful than Smoking?

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This is a point to think about, what is more, harmful smoking or stress. In most of the cases, stress triggers the demand the cigarette. People smoke to avoid stress, temporarily it does and whenever they feel stressed again they light up another cigarette. Smoking triggers the release of nicotine and ultimately, dopamine but this is not a solution it is just an escape, running away from your problems instead of solving them. You are feeling stressed because of a certain problem one should focus on solving that problem. If you smoke you are damaging your lungs, health and as well as the health of people around you. Therefore, smoking is more dangerous.

Can lungs heal after 40 years of smoking?

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Yes, your lungs can heal even after 40 years of smoking, you are never too late. Quitting smoking is a huge step and it will have a huge positive impact on your life. Quitting smoking will make your cilia work again these are the hair-like projections in the airways they have been paralyzed by smoking. Ultimately, you will feel better within weeks or months. You will breathe more easily, your stamina increases your capacity to exercises increases. If you have developed COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease because of smoking your lung might never completely heal. Some inflammations will reverse, some might not but this doesn’t mean you will never recover. You will feel better within weeks and months.

Is cutting down smoking a good way to quit?

According to different researches conducted quitting smoking abruptly has neither passed on better quit rates as compared to gradually stop smoking. There are several ways to do so one can pick the system that best suits. Throw away all cigarettes and ashtrays. Decide whether you will go “with no weaning period” or use nicotine substitution treatment (NRT) or various remedies. Stock up on oral substitutes, for instance, hard sweet, sugarless gum, carrot sticks, coffee stirrers, straws, and toothpicks. Set up a genuinely strong system, for instance, a relative that has successfully stopped and is happy to help you. Ask companions who smoke to not smoke around you. Day by day works out, for instance, getting up in the initial segment of the day, finishing breakfast, and taking a break – can routinely trigger your craving to smoke Empty cigarette Boxes. Regardless, breaking the connection between the trigger and smoking is a not too bad strategy to help you in battling the craving to smoke.

Why does smoking make you dizzy?

Smoking is a source of getting nicotine for your body and it can be a source of getting all dizzy. According to a lot of people and researches, Nicotine is the reason for dizziness. Smoking cigarettes and inhaling it makes you feel dizzy. It may also occur because of the inability of the brain to receive oxygen this may happen because your lungs are overloaded with the smoke you have just inhaled the carbon and burning particles filling lungs and preventing oxygen from flowing freely through the bronchioles makes a person feel dizzy.

Does smoking make panic attacks worse?

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Yes, smoking makes panic attacks worse and smokers are more likely to have panic attacks than normal people and if they are already having panic attacks they might even get worse. Smokers are exposed to panic attacks three times more than a normal person. Smoking doesn’t only damage a person’s physical health but also mental health the risk of facing a panic attack gets lesser in people who have quit smoking.

What can I do instead of smoking?

A few people find alternative methods to help them with quitting smoking. It is an exceptional way to deal with methods to quit smoking. Anyways, there is at present a lot of possibilities that any of these methods will help you quit smoking easily. Some alternative methods to assist you with stopping smoking may include: Filters, electronic cigarettes, vaping, tobacco strips and sticks, nicotine drinks, candies, straws, and lip treatments, acupuncture, herbs and improvements, yoga, exercise, etc.

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