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What is Babbitt Bearing? The answer of this question is very interesting; these bearings are found in pumps, motors, and industrial equipment etc. They provide a surface which is non-damaging to the shaft that rotates or turns or we can say that these bearings are utilized in oil-lubricated units and have distinct designs and features depend on the speed of the shaft, and stability of the shaft etc. Bearings are a good part of machine which need attention to run for many years.

Historical details:

In 1839, Isaac Babbitt designed this Babbitt metal.

White Metal Bearing:

These bearings are made from white metal alloys. Every bearing contains a distinct combination of alloys and that depend on the requirements. This white metal bearing technology is an excellent one. These bearings proffer great services under normal operating conditions. They perform very well during surfeit overloads. In smaller words, they are superior to other types of bearings.

RA Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd. manufactures these bearings as per needs of our clients. We have facilities to make white metal engine bearing, white metal alternator bearing, and other white metal Babbitt bearings of different sizes of shafts.  Bearings provided by us are giving satisfactory performance to our clients. We have team of the best people or engineers for manufacturing works. We are A1 manufacturing company and provide these bearings with the best prices all over the world.

Different types of bearings:

  • Thrust Ball Bearings
  • Spherical Roller Bearings
  • Needle Roller Bearings
  • Tapered Roller Bearings
  • Engine Bearings
  • Intermediate Shaft Bearings

More information:

Rebabbitting of Bearing is done by an awesome system known as centrifugal and it ensures increase in the life of the bearing after the process known as Rebabbitting. Before this process starts bearing steel shells are checked properly and the most important thing which is quality check, this test or quality check is done after entire rebabbitting process gets over.

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