Difference Between Projects and Project-Based Learning

The differences sought between projects and project-based learning are reckoned on the structures of it; they both reveal the contrasting points. The projects are as ancient as the ideology from learning through the reference books. However, project-based learning is the new face of attaining knowledge where a student has to face real-life problems.

PBL’s purpose is to provide learning prospects for the students. PBL is termed as project-based learning; it puts significance on the experience and the process of work rather than the work itself. Multiple reasons differentiate each of these learning constitutions and set them apart. One endures a stick to the line approach and the other is more of a holistic approach.

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Project learning:

Few of the pragmatic ideologies are present that differ from these components. Let us talk about project learning first.

  • The project learning only requires a teacher and a classroom with or without a team the work can happen.
  • The instructor itself leads the structure and details of the project.
  • The project learning is compared based on what the last year students did and regarding the slight changes that were added.
  • The projects are significant until they are inside the four walls of the school.
  • Every student has done something related to it with minimum changes.
  • Projects have outlines and students work on those lines; no added research work is induced.
  • A student does not have much room to show their efficiency and make choices of their own.
  • The project learning is in schools only, with no jury to judge the students.

These are the few points related to project learning. Now, we add the points of dissimilarities between the PBL.

Project-based learning:

  • PBL needs a teacher and a definite team to work with to complete the task.
  • PBL includes the requirements in the task and has to build the structure around those requirements.
  • There is no definite structure to work with, has to build from scratch.
  • It best describes the need of the real world and the benefits PBL provides to the actual problems.
  • Every PBL is different from the other teams as everyone builds their task with the information they gained through their means, hence differentiating every work.
  • There are no boundaries to cross; the only rationale is to complete the requirements accordingly.
  • It is based upon each individual and the efficient way of thinking with its own choices infused in it.
  • Have a jury to present in front of, along with the authentic solutions it brings.

These are some dissimilarities in project learning and project-based learning. The comparison shows that project learning is what used to happen; the students now need to think bigger to achieve and work in the real competitive world.

The idea of PBL strikes as a difficult task but it opens many questions in the learners’ minds regarding the topic. A student acquires an experience of the real world along with how it works. In order to create something for him, it is now a necessity to think out of the box.

By fulfilling these requirements along with incorporating new ideas and creativity, it can help students in seeking how much potential they have to sustain in the real world. At some point, the students will realize their mistakes and try to optimum those mistakes for the next time.

In this way, the learners will gain specific knowledge about real-world problems and dealing with people regarding their career-specific fields.

However, the task presented to you on a silver platter can help you in gaining marks but not much information, for the real matters. It is scientifically proved, that the work done with the effort and struggles give long-term outcomes. PBL is time-oriented as well as task-oriented learning which makes it authentic and gives a professional working environment.

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In terms of these points, PBL is required for attaining knowledge for this generation. In a world of doing or die, playing safe is not an option anymore. The paradigm has shifted to more diversified learning and plunging this proposition is the only way to cater to creativity.

Making new ways of effective learning and inducing it in the educational forum will help many individuals in future life. The spoon-feeding days are gone, a self-disciplined world is being emerged that is both; competitive and grappling, for a child.

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