How a criminal defense lawyer help you to get bail

You must have surely heard of or be familiar with the word “bail”. But do you really know what a bail means?

So, bail is the statement or application that ensures the temporary release of an accused individual who is supposedly awaiting trial, majorly on a condition to lodge a sum of money that guarantees their appearance in the court while the case hearing. The amount to be deposited is specified by the court of law.

Every accused can exercise their fundamental entitlement to apply for bail. Any accused may get even more frustrated while waiting for their hearing at court being in remand away from family and loved ones. The accused may apply for bail, however, the decision for granting bail or not to a particular individual rests with the court.

What it would mean to have gotten a bail?

The grant of bail would mean that the accused or the arrested person is released from the custody of the police back to the community while he/she is waiting for the next hearing in the court.

In case, where the bail is refused, the arrested and charged have to remain in police custody until the next court hearing.

When can bail be refused?

While the court makes a decision on a bail application whether to grant or not it takes into consideration many factors. A bail application is generally refused in the following cases:

  • A major risk prevails that the accused would fail to appear in the court on the date of hearing and would not surrender himself/herself into custody.
  • A major risk prevails that the accused of being provided bail would try to harm the victim of the offense or endanger the victim’s safety or welfare or safety of anyone else.
  • Greater risks rest that the accused of being given the bail may interfere with the witness or somehow try to obstruct the normal course of justice for the case.
  • The accused must be in custody for the purposes of their own safety.

Criminal defense lawyers are the professionals who can handle the different cases at the end of the accused and help you save from the unnecessary allegations. The best criminal defense lawyer does it all for you to save your reputation and get you bailed from the police custody.

Things to be considered while the bail is granted…

An accused may hire a lawyer for bail application who is an expert at providing evidence as to why the individual should be granted bail. After the court agrees to the bail application lawyer’s points, the court wants the accused to follow the given instructions which are mentioned below:

  • Must reside in a specified address.
  • Must be a subject to the nightly curfew.
  • The defendant must report in the police station periodically.
  • The accused is not allowed to leave the state or country at all for the period he/she is on bail.
  • The accused must not try to meet or associate with the witnesses of the offense or the co-accused if any.

Let’s see how a bail application lawyer helps you in getting a bail…

The criminal defense lawyers Perth are the ones having expertise in the criminal laws. They can help you in the best manner to get bail in case you are in police custody. The given points are considered while you are seeking help regarding a legal action:

  • Maintenance of consistency in accordance with the existing bail conditions:

To get a bail application, there exist a number of conditions. The best criminal defense lawyer can do is follow the conditions and instructions accordingly. The criminal defense lawyers are very well aware of all the rules and laws applicable in different situations and cases and also keep themselves updated with any changes that occur in the legal regulations.

  • Provides in-depth consultation:

When the accused meets the attorney face-to-face and explains the whole situation, the attorney provides the best solution in which the bail application can be lodged and granted. The legal attorney being a professional guide the defendant in the best possible manner to get the bail and get rid of the allegations.

  • Adoption of normal procedures:

Within the normal procedures, a criminal defense lawyer will manage to get you the bail application granted no matter how strict the conditions are.

How can you apply for bail?

It is advisable to seek help from an expert and experienced criminal defense lawyer or a bail application lawyer to lodge your bail. Even a minor offense or a mere allegation may hold you in custody till the case hearing. Therefore, getting touch and having a consultation with the lawyer of a bail application is very necessary to save you from the unnecessary inconvenience.

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