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Creative Retro Themed Birthday Party ideas for Adults & Teens-

Birthday is one red letter day in life that everyone wants to spend is a special way because it comes just once in a year. The recent trend of a birthday celebration is to throw themed birthday parties. Here are some creative retro themed birthday party ideas for adults and teens.

1) Designer Invitation Card

An invitation card is the first step of the execution of the planning. As the theme is retro, it is best to keep the invitation card style at that time. It can be black and white with pictures of movies and actors and actresses pasted on the front. If it is based on a specific theatre or story, then paper cuttings of the story on the front will go perfectly matching. As it is a birthday party, it is best to keep the light and entertaining things highlighted.

2) Special Decoration

As it is a themed party, it is important to do a related party decoration. It is a birthday party, so happy and enjoyable themes of the 80s will be the best mood setters. You can choose the music of that era. Then musical props like gramophones, bigger disks, microphones, recorders, and radios can be very useful themes. If it is a movie based themes of retro time, then pictures and posters from the films will do great. If it is a dance party, the music and the colorful disco setting inside the party hall will go hand in hand.

3) Music

No matter whatever theme you choose for the party, a birthday party is partially incomplete without music. There is a unique taste of the music of this time. The singers, there unique styles, the ideal taste of tunes all these make this era so special that it is the most preferred theme for any occasions. You just need to have a CD full of the era’s songs playing with boxes around the party hall. If it is a party of teens, then retro dancing songs will be best. If it a party including all age people, then a mix play of the era’s classic will set the best mood for everyone.

4) Unique Dress

The dress is the most colorful and effective part of the celebration. Now, theme parties have a specific dress code. As it is a retro party, the unique style of fashion should reflect in the dressing of the invitees. As it takes a little time for the invitees to arrange for the dresses, you need to send them the invitation a little earlier. The fashion of the era, the dresses that the renowned personalities used to wear at that time, like the actresses, singers, activists are expected to be reflected in the party.

5) Delicious Food

Food is the heart of any party. When it is a themed birthday party, it needs to match every decoration and arrangement with the theme. Now, food can rarely be themed. But what you can do is the arrangement of the platters in themes. You can customize the platters, bowls, dishes and crockery with the theme of your party. You can send birthday cake online related to the theme as well to the person if you are not able to attend the party.

6) Favors

Now favors can be of two types. One is the one that the person gives away favor gifts to the invitees to convey gratitude for attending the party and making it successful. On the other hand, it is from an invitee who is not being able to attend the party. He/she can instead send gift online to the birthday person with wish along with an apology message attached to it. This will make the essence of the birthday party complete.

Birthday parties are always special as they make a lot of happy memories. So, everyone wants to arrange a party in unique ways. Above are the best retro themed birthday party ideas that will make the occasion a remarkable one.



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