Create an invoice in QuickBooks Desktop

What is an Invoice?

An invoice is a document file which provides customers with detailed information about the goods or products and services that we have provided and how much they value or cost.  Invoices are needed for sales and purchases made on credit. In some other words, if customers do not pay you at the time of purchase or the sale then you need to keep detailed track (In the form of Invoice) of what they own you so that you can sure that you will receive payment in the future.

Invoices helps us to manage our accounts receivable.  Accounts receivable is the perfect balance that is have to you by your customers.Invoice is like written proof of and product for the customer as well as the seller. You can skip this process to save your time and effort by connecting our QuickBooks support team.

Why should we Create Invoices in the QuickBooks?

When we create an invoice in QuickBooks, we have benefit in two ways: valuable

(a)Your financial statements are updated in real-time to gives updates of any change in your accounts can receive and any bank account balances.

(b)You can send or email invoices to your customers. This will allow you to not only save but also ensure that your customer receives the invoice so that you can get paid Quickly.

How we can create an invoice in QuickBooks Desktop?

You use the invoice to record your sales transactions from customers. It record transaction for that person who makes payment during the time of the sale. Invoices help to keep track of your accounts. Depending on your transaction you can create an invoice in QuickBooks Desktop.

Creating an invoice from scratch

Below there all the steps are mention to create an Invoice in Quickbook Desktop.

Step 1. Go to Home screen, click on Customer menu after that select on Create Invoices.

Step 2. In the Customer drop-down menu select Customer Name or Job. If customer name or job is not listed, then you need to create a new customer to click on the Add New option.

Step 3. Fill the form according to the customer details carefully.

Step 4. When you choose your product an amount menu pop-up comes to enter the amount. You can change it at the time of Invoice creation.

Step 5. When you want to gives a discount on your product than create a discount item. It’s not compulsory.

Follow steps to create a Discount on an item.

(i) On Home Screen Select the Lists Option.

(ii) Item List.

(iii) Right-click and select New.

(iv) Select Type drop-down, then use New.

(v) Submit an Item Name or Number and Description.

(vi) In Amount, block enters the Discount amount or in % block enter the Discount percentage. If the amount and percentage are not fixed the leave it blanks.

(vii)From the Account drop-down menu, choose the Account you want to use to track discounts you give to customers.

(viii) Choose OK

(xi) Click on Save & Exit.

Congratulation, You have created an Invoice in QuickBooks Desktop.

Create an invoice for a Sales Order

If you have created a sales order, you need to create an invoice. Two ways are given below to do Create Invoice:

From the Sales Orders window

(i) On the Sales Orders main tab, choose the Create Invoice button. When popup appears, choose given below:

Create invoice for all of the sales orders to add items from the sales order to the invoice.

Create invoice form items if you want to put the items on the invoice.

(ii) Lets do the important  changes in the Invoice. Remember: In the list of items, enter a quantity in the To Invoice column for each item. If you don’t want to invoice any of the listed item, enter 0 as the quantity.

(iii) Choose Save & Close.

From the Invoice window

(i) On the QuickBooks Home screen or the Customer menu, Choose Create Invoices.

(ii) On the Customer: Job drop-down menu, select a customer or customer job.

(iii) The available Sales Order window comes. Choose one sales order item or more that you want to include in the invoice.

(iv) Make the important changes in the Invoice that will be required. Remember: In the list of items, enter a quantity in the To Invoice column for each item. If you don’t want to invoice any of the listed item, enter 0 as the quantity

(iii) Choose Save & Close.

How to Resolve your problems with QuickBooks Invoice

Create an invoice for an Estimate

When a customer has satisfy you estimate and happy to pay a fixed amount, you can coverts the entire estimate into an invoice. You can also see the details before the conformation on customer.

From the Estimate window

(i) Open the appropriate estimate.

(ii) Choose to Create Invoice at the upper menu of the Estimate form.

(iii) If you have progress invoicing turned on, you get a pop-up asking what how much items to put on the invoice. Those items also there which includes as promoted items.

(iv) When the invoice comes, modify the information as want.

(v) Choose Save & Close.

From the Invoice window

(i) From the QuickBooks Main screen or the Customer menu, Choose to Create Invoices.

(ii) On the Customer: Job drop-down menu, Choose a customer or customer job.

(iii) The Estimates window comes. Choose the estimate include in the invoice. Remember QuickBooks will only allow you to select one estimate to invoice. Remember: If you have progress invoice turn on, you may get a pop-up what you need to have on the invoice. You can simply allow what to include as prompted.

(iv) When the invoice appears, edit the information as needed.

(v) Choose Save & Close.

We hope this will help you to understand the process if you have anything in your mind let us know through our QuickBooks Online support number which is completely toll-free.

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