Choosing the best prep strategy for the GRE exam

GRE words is the standardized tests conducted by the ETS in order to give admissions to the students in the graduate programs. It is based on assessing the verbal, quantitative and the writing skills of the candidates. These are taken by people who wish to get admissions in the business schools. Following are some of the tips to have the best strategy for the exam:

  • Getting the right study material: people use one book normally and they stick to them. But it is essential to give attention to other study material as well. One can even take the help of the internet in order to do preparations. One must begin with the most basic concepts and then move towards the advanced materials. One should not begin everything at the moment and must act patiently. Also one must take the right practice tests in order to be well versed with the concepts.
  • Creating a study plan: one must plan according to the time left. The number of weeks left must be divided as per the number of topics left. One must take out a print out of the study material so that one might stick to it. In case one has a complete plan one must stick to it and this keeps the person charged. This is the most effective and the simplest way to begin with the preparations.
  • Quant must not be underestimated: the quant seems easy but in reality it is not. It might give a review of the high school but this will help to score good grades in the exam. This focuses on testing the reasoning abilities of the students. So questions are based on simple logics which involve a minor twist which helps to judge the students. Attempting such problems can be confusing as well as time consuming. This helps to judge the abilities to interpret data accurately on basis of data available and the application of theories and formulas.
  • Prepare well for the essays: one must properly learn the outline and the structure of the essays so that there is no scope of performing such things wrongly. One must develop an argument that speaks in favor of the motion or the one which speaks against the motion. There must be 5-7 minutes of brain storming and then there must be listing of the thoughts so that one can write an effective essay.
  • Building mental stamina: this test is 3 hours and 45 minutes long with a break of 10 minutes after the 3 sections. So one must practice to have concentration all over the test so that one can perform well. There must be proper planning to utilize the time and even the scheduling must be done properly so that there is no issue while managing the time. One must check the time related things in the practice papers only. Event the posture plays a crucial role in mental stamina building.

GRE words involves preparing a list of target universities so that one may be able to set a target well in advance and achieve the goals accordingly.

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