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Causes and Symptoms of Gynecomastia (Man Boobs)

Male and females have some similarities and dissimilarities which are significantly important and vital. We individually have our own individual characteristics but sometimes we grab some of the characteristics which do not suit our personality and appearance. Basically, in this modern world, discrimination does not have strong roots but society has its own rules to judge people. Who says looks doesn’t matter? Physical appearance does matter in this world. If you do not look like what you are supposed to be then you will be judged. Here we are discussing the Man boobs which are also called Gynecomastia. It is the condition when the glandular tissues in the male’s breast start to grow due to the imbalance of the estrogen hormone.

Both Male and Female have glandular tissues in their breast just the difference comes from the hormones. When estrogen starts to increase in a female body, it shows some appearance changes like bigger breast which is normal. While in the male’s body, the flow of testosterone starts, which shows some changes like facial hair in men. But due to unbalanced hormones, estrogen starts to increase in the male’s body and consequently, their breast gets bigger like boobs. This doesn’t look good and the victim feels disgust and embracement most of the time in the public areas and can lose his confidence. To overcome this problem, many types of surgeries done by the best Gynecomastia surgeon are available in the private and as well as civil hospitals. Gynecomastia surgeries is one of the top surgeries one can undergo to get the rid of unwanted man boobs.

Causes to have Gynecomastia

Being overweight is a typical reason for Gynecomastia; this is on the grounds that being overweight can expand dimensions of estrogen, which can cause bosom tissue to develop. In case you’re overweight you’re likewise bound to have overabundance fat that can broaden the bosom tissue. For certain individuals getting more fit or accomplishing more exercise can help however this may not generally improve the condition. But still there are some inner problems that can cause

  • Damage or maladies that influence the gonads, which make testosterone
  • Thyroid issues, since hormones from that organ control development and sexual improvement
  • A few malignant growths, including tumors of the lungs, pituitary organ or adrenal organs
  • Heftiness, which can result in more estrogen
  • Drugs for different sicknesses, including coronary illness, disease, melancholy, or ulcers
  • Illicit medications, including anabolic steroids, weed, and heroin
  • Kidney disappointment (when they can never again perfect and channel your blood)
  • Liver Problems.

Syndromes of Gynecomastia

  • Your the first indication of Gynecomastia might be a piece of greasy tissue under the areola. At times this protuberance is delicate or sore.
  • This may make you stress that you have the bosom disease, which occurs in few men. Gynecomastia isn’t really an indication of disease; however your specialist may run a few tests to discount it.
  • Swelling of the bosoms may happen unevenly, with one increasing than the other.


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