Career Options for Maths Students

For some of the students, maths is a cakewalk, whereas for others it’s a nightmare. After passing the class 10 while choosing the stream, students face a dilemma whether to keep maths in the subject list of skip it. This question mostly arises in those students minds who are average in maths subject and don’t know what will be the impact of leaving mathematics in their future.

To help such students, we have here provided are the possible career options where mathematics is needed. Based on the area of interest and knowing the scope of maths, students will be able to make a proper choice for their career ahead.

Top 5 Career Options for Maths Lovers

There are some courses and professions where it is mandatory to have Maths till class 12. If a student wants to pursue a career in any of these fields, then they can’t leave maths. These courses/professions are listed below:

  1. Engineering: The first choice of most of the maths students in engineering. To get admission in good government colleges such as IITs and NITs, students have to appear for the JEE prelims and mains entrance exam. There are also other competitive exams such as BITSAT, VITEEE etc. For this, students must have studied maths and be thorough with the NCERT Solutions Class 12 Maths as it helps in building the basic concepts.

  1. Mathematician: If a student love to solve mathematical problems and want to go for further research in any particular topic, then this is the best profession. This profession gives freedom to research new theories and concepts, analyse data, develop mathematical tools and much more.

  1. Actuarial Science: This field requires extensive knowledge of maths and statistics to calculate and manage risk for a finance company. Although in this having mathematics is not important, but most of the maths students find their work in this field.

  1. Pure and Physical Science: This is a broader area which has multiple specializations such as Meteorology, Astronomy, Geology etc. Moreover, students can also go for the higher studies in Physics and Chemistry, which will lead to the research field.

  1. Architecture: For pursuing a career in the architecture field, students have to appear for NATE and JEE exam. For clearing these exams, maths is a must. This profession demands the knowledge of algebra, trigonometry and calculus as it helps in the design of buildings. This concept of trigonometry is explained in class 11 maths. Students can hold a good command in it by solving the NCERT Solutions Class 11 Maths.

Apart from these, there are infinite opportunities for maths students. They can build their career in any of the professions whether it is of Data Scientist, Economist, Market Researcher, Accountant or Finance and Banking. After knowing the career option of maths, it will be easier for the students to decide whether they want to proceed with the maths or not. Also, their interest and career goal will help them in deciding a better way.

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