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Capture your love story with these amazing ideas

With the changing world and the social media tsunami coming in, capturing love stories has taken a very innovative approach. Gone are the days when you had to perfectly pose for capturing your love moments. Today’s photo captures are all about candid snaps and being comfortable in front of the camera. Such photo shoots are in trend nowadays and photographers are even personalizing these shoots to draw out the best snaps. They are coming up with new ways to draw out a couple’s personality by incorporating props and themes like wardrobe collections, fun locations, video sequences, etc. Such shoots capture the essence of a love story and you get to relive these moments whenever you feel like. 

Documenting your romantic story is an ideal way to show your loved ones that you care. The one idea that should be kept in mind while capturing a love story is that the couple should be represented as themselves, else the whole effort would go waste. If you are unsure about the next steps, then some of our ideas mentioned below will help you in getting started.

Location: Selection of the location should reflect your life as a couple. You can pick places like where you met, favorite vacation place, weekend hangout place, etc. to capture some beautiful candid moments. You can even glance at some of your old snaps and pick the same location to recreate the old pictures with a theme of ‘then and now’. Once your location is finalized, you can set the scene at the location and start your shoot. You can also incorporate elements that are a constant part of your life and love story to make the shoot more interesting and whacky.

Pick the right photographer: Professional photographers can be booked anytime to do some stunning shoots for you. You can even pick your favorite local photographer to do this job. Some photographers like to work in a black and white theme while others shoot only in the natural light. Before finalizing the photographer, do check their prior work to get an idea about their working style. If you like their work and feel that it would suit you as a couple, then you can go ahead and seal the deal.

Be yourself: Best moments are captured when you as a couple are candid and showcase your unique bond. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to be all poised during the shot. Have a detailed discussion about the shoot concept with your photographer. Some craziness will bring out your personality as a couple in the best possible way. Capturing moments like your conversations while walking a dog in the park, eating burgers at your favorite breakfast joint, etc. are some examples that draw out your personality and the image or video captured come out beautiful. You can also check for new ideas at Pinterest.

Add Props: Props make a photo or video shoot fun and quirky. You can add some props like a bike, heart signs, beers, signboards, etc. to add the oomph factor to your images. You can recreate moments like the place you had your first date at, a small picnic where you went together, a bar where you usually hang out, etc. You can even bring your pets in the shoot to capture some beautiful moments and make your shoot a success. 

Create albums: Sometimes candid pictures are captured naturally and it could so happen that your phone’s photo album is full of such images. You can take all these images and start collecting them and once you have a good set of these snaps, you can get them converted to a digital yearbook. You can even print them and gift them to your loved ones. Don’t underestimate the value of printing. In this digital age, nothing can make you relive those moments than looking at those photo frames.
Me, and my partner got out pre-wedding photoshoot in Singapore. I immediately got my photos printed in Singapore to ensure I can relive them whenever I want.

Additionally, putting these beautiful memories into a photobook is also a great option. You needn’t be a pro at editing, numerous tools like Canva, Animoto, Google Photos, etc. are available online that can be used to create images.


Documenting your love is the best thing to do so that you take a walk down the memory lane anytime. Above mentioned ideas can get you started on your journey to capture your romantic story. Happy Shooting!



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