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Can You Trust Condoms?

Condoms arrive in an assortment of styles and hues. Some have a store tip to get semen while others – the alleged “ticklers” – have elastic projections which as far as anyone knows increment vaginal incitement.

There are dreary, straightforward and brilliantly shaded condoms. Be that as it may, every one of them are utilized a similar way. Prior to intercourse, the condom is moved onto the erect penis to keep sperm from entering the vagina.

How viable are condoms in forestalling pregnancy? This dainty elastic sheath is around 70 to 90 percent powerful, contingent upon how it is utilized and the sort of condom you have. In any case, mishaps do occur. That is on the grounds that the condom may either sever or slip. As the editors of Consumer Guide’s “Family Health and Medical Guide” brought up:

“A few issues may happen with the utilization of the condom. For instance, small gaps or tears may create in the sheath, causing spillage of sperm. Likewise, when the penis is pulled back from the vagina as intercourse is finished, the condom now and then breaks or for all intents and purposes unrolls inside the vagina, discharging its substance.”

“How regularly do 콘돔 detach or slip during intercourse? Shockingly, nobody is certain. Around 12 percent of condoms made in the United States and 21 percent of those made abroad fizzle the (Food and Drug Administration’s) intermittent spot checks for absconds. What’s more, in the not many investigations of genuine use, the condom either slipped or parted from four to 15 out of a hundred times during vaginal intercourse,” included Deborah Franklin in Health magazine.

Things were a lot of more awful before. In the 1930’s, before unbending measures set by the FDA, upwards of three-fourths of all condoms in the market were seen as imperfect. At the point when the FDA ventured into the image by looking at a wide range of condoms – both neighborhood and imported – these deformities were limited and makers themselves began improving their stocks.

One test utilized by the FDA to check the condom’s quality and quality is the standard water test. In this test, a condom is loaded up with water and is inspected for holes or lumps which show flimsy spots that could break later.

“Since April 1987, (FDA) monitors have appeared unannounced at condom manufacturing plants to survey records and test condoms at arbitrary, checking for splits, form, dry or clingy elastic, and so forth. Predominantly, notwithstanding, the operators run a standard water test – filling condoms with around 10 ounces of water – to spot pinholes. On the off chance that they discover spills in what might be compared to more than four for every 1,000 condoms in a creation run, that whole parcel must be annihilated – frequently a huge number of condoms or more. Imports are examined, as well, at their port of section,” as indicated by the editors of Consumer Reports.

“The standard test includes the presentation of 300 milliliters (ml) of liquid, suspending the condom for one to three minutes, and testing for spills. The normal discharge (semen) is just 3 ml so 300 ml goes far in guaranteeing that the condoms are sufficient,” included Dr. Michael Lim Tan, official chief of the Health Action Information Network, in Health Alert. (Next: How to utilize a condom.)



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