Can Birth Dates Help You to Win the Lottery Jackpot?

Why do people choose birthdays as a preference for numbers on the lottery tickets? There are a few reasons that one can think of – they are easy to remember; they are close to the heart or the dates might have been lucky for them in the past. You cannot guarantee that the strategy will work, but people have won in the past using it.

Those who strictly believe in a particular date being lucky for them- they to go to the extent of using birthday dates in various combinations to utilize their lucky charm. Many experts believe that several limitations make it a not-so-good strategy and advise people to go for random numbers instead.

By looking at both sides of the argument, you can probably get to a stage where it would be possible to utilize a combination of birthdays and random numbers effectively.

Reasons Why Using Birth Dates Is Not a Good Idea for the Choice of Lottery Numbers

1. A Smaller Pool of Numbers to Choose From

Most lotteries have a pool of 60-80 numbers from which typically a ticket would need five plus a bonus number. If you decide to use a date, you are restricted to a number set of less than 31 and the numbers greater than that get neglected. You can always use birthdates with other numbers.

2. Mismatch with Random Number Selection

The numbers drawn for the lotteries are generally spread across the board and not restricted to a small range. Apart from that, the most drawn numbers in the major lotteries are not restricted to the first 31. In fact, more than half of these numbers are greater than that.

3. Sharing the Prize Money

Many players resort to using birth dates for their lottery ticket. Given the small fixed range of dates, there are high chances that there will be more winners for a certain prize and the amount, however big or small, will need to be shared.

Ways to Use Birth Dates for the Best Results

1. Use the Smaller Numbers to Generate Big Numbers

You can use the numbers of the relevant birth date to generate more numbers, which will help cover a larger range of numbers and reduce the chances of you sharing your prize with others. You can get these by adding or multiplying the date and the month to give you a bigger number, as is done in numerology.

2. Use Fewer Numbers to Get More

As mentioned above, you can add or multiply the numbers available. You can also add all the digits in the date to create another number. If you get a number beyond the range, you can add the digits again to get a smaller number.

3. Use a Special Method for the Bonus Number

Add all the digits of your birth date to arrive at a number. Add it further to get a smaller number till it falls in the stipulated range.

The right numbers are the key to winning a jackpot and hence they should be chosen well. You can choose your numbers sitting at home and playing the various lotteries available on Lottoland, the portal that leads the world in providing online access to them. Indians too will have access to this platform now.

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