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Professional Boxing Equipment for Beginners

Boxing is a major sport played all around the globe. Athletes all over the world play this sport and compete against each other in a variety of competitions and tournaments. People have been boxing since ancient times, and there is no shortage of young kids wanting to become a boxer.

Although boxing doesn’t require too many equipment to play, it is a combat sport, and it is easy to get injured while boxing. Many boxers have suffered fatal injuries in the past. Therefore, before starting, it is essential to get the important stuff needed while boxing.

Let us look at some of the necessary equipment for boxing.

Boxing gloves

The first and foremost thing you need to begin your boxing journey is gloves. Boxing involves a lot of punching and blocking, so it is essential to buy good-quality boxing gloves. The size of the gloves should be perfect so that you are comfortable while wearing them. Take your time and choose the right pair of gloves.

You will face problems if you choose the wrong size of gloves for yourself. Also, make sure you get proper training gloves for yourself. Bag gloves are suitable, but they only help you while training on a heavy bag. You cannot use them while boxing or mitt punching. You can visit popular dealers like boxing gloves Brisbane for all your boxing needs and equipment.

Boxing hand wraps

Hand wraps are as crucial as gloves while boxing. You wear these wraps on your hand. They provide a better grip to your wrist and keep it in a tight position. There is a lot of movement of your hand and wrists while boxing. Punching requires force and puts a lot of pressure on your knuckles and wrist.

A good hand wrap will provide better protection to your knuckles, wrists, and hand. It will help you to avoid your wrist from spraining or picking up any other serious injury. In some cases, your wrist or knuckles can even break if you don’t have proper protection.

Strong headgear

It is possible that while training or in a boxing match, you take a lot of hits and punches to your head. Durable headgear is what will protect you from that. It will reduce the impact of the blows and punches you take to the head and the face.

It will protect you from getting scrapes and cuts. Boxing headgear comes in a variety of styles and shapes. Some of them just cover your head while some also cover your entire face and nose. You will still feel the pain and effects of a punch, but the headgear will surely help you to avoid severe head or face injuries, but you can get concussions or even small wounds.

Mouth guard

Just like the gloves and headgear, a mouth guard is also an essential part of your boxing equipment. When boxing, it is reasonable to get hit in the face region multiple times. If you don’t have any guard on, one or the other punch will surely injure your lips.

Your teeth can even suffer severe damage, and cuts can occur on your tongue or jaw. If your lip splits open due to a punch, you will lose a lot of blood, and the injury will be a painful one. Make sure you buy a reliable and robust mouth guard that provides strong protection to your lips and teeth. You will regret it if you ever box without a mouth guard on.

Heavy bag

You should surely invest in a heavy bag if you want to put in a few hours of practice away from your gym or training facility. Sometimes it is not possible to go to the gym to workout. A heavy bag will help you at that time. It weighs about 70 pounds and has sand or similar material inside it.

If there is any area where you are weak, or if you want to work on certain things, a heavy bag will help you practice. Moreover, you do not need any partner or trainer to train. You can train with a heavy bag alone and at any given time.

Comfortable shoes

Choose a pair of light and comfortable shoes for boxing. You will need to move and dodge a lot. The shoe should provide you with an excellent grip and allow you to move freely without any difficulties. The material and size of the shoe should be perfect else you may face problems.


Many young kids are trying to make it to the boxing ring. It is a great sport, and with hard work and determination, once can become a successful boxer. In the above article, we read about the most necessary equipment needed for boxing. Make sure you are ready before you get into the ring so that you don’t suffer serious injuries.



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