Xacto (Formerly known as Hunt Boston)

Xacto Electric Pencil Sharpener

Xacto Electric Pencil Sharpener

Let this office and classroom classic handle the heavy duty jobs for you. You will want one that can put up with the strain of continuous use. No worries that the popularity will cause crowding because the Xacto uses Pencil Saver®, a feature that will save you time and ensure that you don’t over-sharpen your pencils, which only serves to save you money. Safety is no concern when you use the Xacto; it comes standard with rubber feet on the bottom that prevents sliding while you sharpen your pencils with the X-ACTO steel cutters. It will also shut off before it overheats, too, with its thermal overload protection setting.

Stanley Bostitch QuietSharp6

Get the job done with less of a noisy interference with the Stanley Bostitch QuietSharp6 that features a super duty motor that operates with a nearly silent, stall-free mechanism. Choose from 6 different sizes from the easy-dial selector that can be turned with one hand. Extend the life of your pencils with the Tip Saver Technology that stops you from over sharpening. Revel in the ability to enjoy this  for longer because of its feature that prevents it from overheating, thus extending the life of the powerful motor. Safety is definitely a concern, as can be seen in the Magnasafe tamper proof switch that shuts the motor down when the high capacity shavings tray is removed for emptying. The large base of the sharpener body comes equipped with suction cup feet to ensure no slipping.

X-ACTO ProX with SmartStop

This commercial grade pencil sharpener features a heavy metal base and an even heavier duty sharpener. Also featuring SmartStop technology, this sharpener uses an LED light to indicate when the pencil is finished being sharpened so you never over sharpen a pencil again. The extra large shavings collector catches the shreds of multi-sized pencils as the #1 brand. It even features anti-microbial additives that stop bacterial and fungal growth in the holes and collector; and it only draws electricity from the source when it is being used.

Choose the best electric pencil sharpener for your needs and get back to more important things. Teachers, office administrators, architects, and more all use the industry’s sharpeners because they provide reliable service, cut down on waste, and rid the user of the frustration that comes from a using a lower quality.