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Animation Software For Beginners

The animation is a type of art, selection of animation software available in the market and preferred by all levels of users. These products are armed with rich arrays of functions and tools that will allow creating powerful animation projects. Each software products come with a subscription plan or one-time purchase with free trails of the free version included. 

1. Cartoon Animator (Crazy Talk Animator 3)

This software allows you to create custom 2D characters, choose a character from the huge database, and import PSD character templates. And you can easily make any static image move by applying different motion templates provided in the library.

Features of Cartoon Animator

  • 4K video support;
  • library of pre-made character templates and motion templates;
  • tools for creating 2D animation characters including bone tools, and rigging tools for animating 2D characters including bouncy curve editing, and elastic facial free form deformation, audio lip-syncing;
  • This tool is creating for talking heads and employing them on any character;


2. Stop Motion Studio

This software is used for beginners. This app is perfect for beginners in video making. It runs on iPhone, iPad, macOS, Android, and windows.

Cartoon animator Animation software

Features of Stop Motion Studio

  • 4K Ultra HD videos;
  • runs on iPhone, iPad, macOS, Android, and Windows;
  • It controls manual or automatic focus, exposure, ISO, white balance
  • DSLR camera support;
  • green screen option and background library;
  • import of images, audio, video files;
  • frame-by-frame view and easy editing;
  • grid and onion skinning options;
  • connect a remote camera as a second device;
  • It uses paint tools, sound effects, magic erasers, and more handy tools.

Pro Edition – $99

Pipeline Edition – $199

Special bundle discounts

Free trial – 30 days

3. Maya

It is leading 3D animation, modeling, simulation, rendering software application. It can use to make motion, graphics, character creation, environments.

 Key Features

  • It supports Win, Mac, Linux.
  • It enables you to real-time experience changes in scenes which include camera, lighting, materials.
  • Motion graphic toolset uses objects and creates complex procedural effects and animation.
  • you can be using Mash toolset and add new nodes consisting of signal, curve, world, placer, etc.along with existing node updates.

4. Photoshop

Photoshop has been considered a mighty tool for creating animations. Photoshop is a Disney-style. It supports a various range of QuickTime video formats, image sequence formats, and bit depth for animation

Key Features

  • It supports a wide range of QuickTime video formats, image sequence,  formats, and color mode and bit depth for animation.
  • With the help of the timeline panel, you can make animation frames, where the configuration of layers is represented by a single frame.
  • In Photoshop the opacity, styles, the position represents the layer properties and a gradual change in them gives you the feeling of transformation or movement in animations. It gives the results in automatic modification and addition of multiple frames in a series among two existing frames.

5. Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate is the best tool to make animations with interactive vectors that you can use in games, web as well as on apps and make banners and cartoons movable.

Key Features

It can export your work to WebGL, HTML5 Canvas, Flash or Adobe AIRetc.

 Their design and develop interfaces, start screens, game environment, and player sprites to get the best interactive web-based content.

By using the tilt and pressure-sensitive vector brushes to draw and sketch characters and with frame by frame animation make them talk, walk and blink.

6. Moho

It is a complete animation tool dedicated to digital artists and professionals that was used to make movies like Song of the Sea and The Breadwinner both were nominated for OSCAR.

Key features

  • It supports Win and Mac.
  • The vector Bezier handles permit you to have more control over designing. And make exceptional line bends having minimal points and perfectly optimized to sync with the animation.
  • By using the realistic motion blur feature you can manage the frames and how these frames blend to moving objects or characters for creating amazing results.
  • Having smart warp, this tool enables you to shape,  animate, bend and twist assets including vector and images and is perfect with Smart Bones.


Creating animation tools for beginners is easier when you have the right software available to you. You have already storyboard storyboards and script in your mind, but you can realize a vision in unique ways. 


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