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Amazing Tips for a Professional Baby Shoot

Blessing with a cute baby into your family is one of the fantastic moments in your life. Photographing the little one may seem a daunting task. But in reality, it’s rewarding and one of the fun projects for any photographer. Take enough time to have proper planning and research. It will help you to come out with ‘wow’ baby pictures. This blog post explores the awesome photography tips.

Select Natural Attire

If you want ’wow’ pictures of a newborn, choose outfits and props of the same shade and dress the baby in the adorable ways. You can choose a light hue to reflect light. Also, do not fear to play with styles, colors, and themes.

Get Ready for Shoot in your Home Studio

Toddlers and newborns are more likely to feel comfy and lively in an environment that they are aware of. Thus, rather than getting them into a studio, set up your studio in the comfort of your own home. Bring in plenty of blankets, cushions, and pillows.

Also, minimize clutter in the room, set up the camera, adjust lights, and grab prop and clothes ready before you place a baby for the shot. It will prevent irritation to the baby and help you save time. Zoom in and pay attention to the lovely eyes.

Tip: If you are using a DSLR camera, open aperture, and set it on the smallest number to get a blurred background.

Choose a Perfect Location

Avoid Flash as light can irritate the baby, and you might miss out on picture-perfect shots. So to get awesome baby pictures, choose a shooting location in your home that gets plenty of natural sunlight. Do not shoot during the afternoon because sun rays are too powerful at that time and can hurt the skin of your little one. Also, ensure that you use soft shades for the background and keep it simple.

Tip: Open camera mode dial to AV mode (aperture priority) and choose a high ISO and wide aperture.

Shoot Based on Size

Babies usually come in all sizes and shapes. So if you are shooting toddlers and babies that can sit up, pick wide-angle shots. But for newborns, go for macro shots.

Tip: For professional baby photos Sydney, it’s a smart idea to hire expert.

Click at the Right Time

Remember, babies remain cheerful at day time and that too after a meal.  Also, they are easy to shoot when they are asleep. Therefore, it’s a good idea to shoot at that time. Adjust your shoot so that it fits the newborn’s schedule well. Watch out the little ones for the moments when they are giggling, laughing, and rolling on their back. Capture every emotion, angle, and gesture to exude extra cuteness.

Tip: Use a heater to keep the baby warm and play soothing music in the background. It will make him, or her feel relaxed.

Use Props

Newborn photography props add more elements and grace in the pictures. For example, you can use flowers, wooden basket, and a knit baby blanket and other creative stuff as a prop to make your images stand out.

Tip: Avoid using all the props at the same time. Just keep it simple and make sure it does not distract the baby.

Shoot on Floor

Shooting your baby on the floor is also a fantastic idea to get incredible pictures. Lay him or her down and try a couple of poses like putting the newborn on a blanket with its back on the top, face turning up towards the camera, etc.

Click Pictures from Front Side

It’s best to take pictures from above and make sure to keep the strap on. It will prevent slipping and hurting the baby. Click from different angles so that you end up with beautiful images.

Tip: Use macro mode to bring all the emotions that you need.

Communicate Well

Talk with the baby and allow them to look at you to make a strong connection with them. You can create funny sounds to enable the little one to look at the camera.

Use Toys to Catch their Cute Action

A happy baby makes candid and naturally gorgeous pictures. Use shakers and other playful toys to make eye contact with the newborn.  Their eyes are a mirror of their innocent laughter, so make sure you hunt the golden shot. At this time, you need to work fast. Use the best camera with a fast shutter speed of 1/500 or more. It will help you click exceptional pictures in no time.

Involve the Entire Family

Involving the family of the parents and siblings of the little one is a good idea for a great photo shoot. Get close shots when it comes to parents. Click ideal pictures when the newborn is looking into the eyes of the parents. You can also ask them to hold their little one in their arms for beautiful candid shots and Indian stock photos.

Tip: Choose wide-angle shots when you involve other members of the family in one frame.

Play with Effects and Filters

You must be familiar with Adobe Photoshop, light room, and other image editing tools. They will help you create good effects in the pictures. Play with different filters to bring out more emotions. But avoid over-editing and overusing filters.

Wrapping Up:

Remember, newborns and toddlers are moody, and this can get in the way of your work. Remember, unlike adults, babies and toddlers do not follow instructions clearly. Handling them needs immense experience, patience, and care. Follow the tips mentioned above to ace your baby shoot.


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