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9 Significant Things to Know About Filipino Culture and Values Before Visiting

The Philippines is still among the most affordable of all exotic travel destinations in the world. But what sets the Philippines apart from the rest? It’s the Filipino culture. There are some very significant things to know about Filipino culture whether you’re planning a visit or simply wish to broaden your general knowledge about the place. We’ll give you the best example of Filipino culture and values below so that you know a bit about the place when you visit. Take a quick look at our list of the best things to know about Filipino culture before you travel to this stunning archipelago.

A Brief Philippine Culture and Tradition Summary:

Even if you happen to be just passing through the country on last minute flights, these things to know about Filipino culture will make your transit enjoyable. So, keep reading and brush up on important Philippines cultural facts listed below!

Filipinos don’t hesitate to offer help

Among the most important things to know about Filipino culture is that they never think twice about helping one another. They are a tight-knit community and will help a brother in need without expecting anything in return. You can experience this for yourself as a tourist when you ask a Filipino for assistance on directions or general travel advice.

Filipino family culture

Families come first and foremost for all Filipinos. This significant Filipino family culture is an important aspect to know before you visit. Even distant relatives and close friends are treated as immediate family in the Philippines. So, if you’re a foreign-born Filipino trying to trace your roots in the country, expect a lot of love from your family and friends here.

Filipinos are deeply religious

The basis of Philippines culture and tradition is their faith. They are deeply religious and you will find proof of this in their homes. There is a corner dedicated in every Filipino house to store crosses, Holy books, and other religious articles and Filipino cultural items. They religiously go to church on Sundays and some of them will even go two or three times a week.

Filipinos are resilient as well

One of the most important things to know about Filipino culture and values is that they are very strong-spirited. Filipinos will depict a never-give-up attitude in the face of natural calamities and other accidents. They always rise to the occasion and prove to be stronger than the problems they are facing. Maybe we can all take a lesson here.

Filipinos value art & architecture

For art lovers, this is among the best things to know about Filipino culture. Historical records claim that the wealth of Filipino art dates back to the Neolithic age. Take a look at their architecture and see how Filipino artworks go beyond mere crafts. Jews’ harps, embellished jewelry, nose flutes, carved images, and gongs are some of the many awesome items discovered in the Philippines.

Filipinos value their culture and traditions

First-time visitors to the Philippines on economy or business class flights will be surprised by the warm welcome they receive from Filipinos. This is among the top things to know about Filipino culture. They value their cultural upbringing, traditions, and heritage. They set dates aside for festive celebrations and will catch up over delicious food during get-togethers.

Filipinos are immensely respectful by nature

One of the most significant things to know about Filipino culture is that they are immensely respectful by nature. To address their elders, Filipinos will end sentences with catchphrases such as Opo and Po. They will also raise the backs of their elders’ hands to their foreheads as a mark of respect. Also, the names of elders must be preceded by Kuya or Manong.

Filipinos know how to party!

Party-lovers will be glad to know that one of the most important things to know about Filipino culture is that they love to party. Filipinos party hard and they always make it big. There is no such thing as a small affair. Case in point: – the MassKara Festival in Bacolod, Moriones Festival in Marinduque, and Kadayawan Festival in Davao City.

Filipinos love to eat and sing

Philippine cuisine is evidence of the fact that Filipinos take pride in their cooking. They also love to eat. You will rarely see a Filipino without a plateful of steaming hot food at a gathering. Also, singing is another thing that Filipinos absolutely love. There are karaoke machines pretty much at every establishment and Filipino household waiting to be whipped out during parties.

Book a Trip to the Philippines to Know More!

Book cheap flights to Philippines as soon as you can to know more about their fascinating culture and traditions! Reading about the most important things to know about Filipino culture and values is starkly different than experiencing them first-hand. So, plan a trip to the Philippines and enjoy learning about Filipino culture straight from the locals!


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