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8 Children’s Book Illustrator To Know

Everyone must have thought of their favorite fable that they used to read at night as kids, especially the illustration that used to make them readable. Children’s book illustrations work as a medium that becomes a bridge between a child’s learning process and imagination. Every genre of the story has a different approach to trigger children’s imagination, but they always make a lasting impression on the little scholars—and sometimes really great ones as well.

Being a children’s book writer, you need to have the expertise to produce colorful images of the action taking place in the story. Here is a list of eight affordable children’s book illustrators that you should know.

  • Patricia Polacco

Patricia Polacco

One of the renowned story writer and illustrator has written more than 115 books for children including the “Thunder Cake”, “The Blessing Cup” and more. She was diagnosed with dyslexia and was not able to study until 14 years of age. To cope up with other kids her age, she developed an interest in art and held a PhD in Art History.

She didn’t start to write children’s books until her 40s. She remembers the times of her childhood, which has inspired many of her books and credits her cultural background to be the reason for her success as a writer.

She uses collages in her illustrations using soft graphite, pen-and-ink drawings. The characters features and dismal scenes are rendered in grey scale with sketchy lines, saturated with flat colours to separate objects, character and joyful circumstances.

  • P.D. Eastman

P.D. Eastman

P.D. Eastman is an author-illustrator who also worked at Walt Disney production, Warner Bros, cartoon Units and United Productions of America like “Mr. Maggio” before devoting his life to writing and illustrating children’s books. Eastman has written many stories and also illustrated many for many writers.

Eastman’s cartoonish style illustrations are the most beloved and recognized. His books like “Sam and the Firefly”, “Go Dog Go” are classics. Until today, Random House has sold more than 30 million copies of his books worldwide.

  • Leo Lionni

Leo Lionni

Leo Lionni is a critically acclaimed author and illustrator. Beginning at 50, Lionni has authored more than 40 books for children including “Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse”, “Swimmy” which have also been translated into many languages to this day.

His style of illustration includes collages, rich textures, tones, hues, and playful shapes, which helps him to tell his fables about animals, birds and insects.

  • Vashti Harrison

Vashti Harrison

One of the renowned writers, illustrators and film makers, Vashti Harrison, has authored renowned debut children’s book “little readers: Bold Women in Black History” which became a New York time bestselling books.

She uses bold shapes and colours in his book to show that “bravery that can come in all shapes and sizes”. She also suggests in his drawings that leadership can also come from people who are quiet, shy and introverts.

  • Christian Robinson

Christian Robinson

Christian is an illustrator and animator who has worked for the Sesame Street Workshop, Pixar animation and have lent art to a number of a picture book in recent times. He earned critical praise in 2016 for his work on Last Stop on Market Street by Matt de la Pena.

He likes to experiment with his style of work and uses different mediums and forms of art to make art.

  • Mitsumasa Anno

Mitsumasa Anno

A Japanese children’s book author and illustrator, famous for telling stories in books which contains no words or text. Mitsumasa Anno’s stories rely on visual story telling using artwork to portray not only the characters of the story but also a higher level of Math and scientific concepts, jokes, illusions and the authors passion of travel and making discoveries in his journey.

Anno’s style of illustrations is usually a pen, ink and watercolours, but sometimes he uses woodcuts and collage too. He received the Hans Christian Anderson award which is his lifetime achievement honour in the field for his unique gift of communication at both sides east and west along with his important contribution to the children’s literature.

  • Tomie DePaola

Tomie DePaola

Renowned author, illustrator and artist, DePaola has authored more than 260 books over the last 50 years. His most famous works are “Jamie O’ Rourke and the big potato”, “The Crown of God” and more. He has been awarded with Children’s literature Legacy Award for his contribution in the field.

DePaola uses pen, pencils, erasers and acrylic paints to keep his artwork friendly and have a personal style. He depicts his character to be flat, graphic way, with heavy lines and muter earth tones.

  • Erin Stead

Erin Stead

Erin stead is the illustrator behind the “bear has a Story to Tell”, “And Then its spring” and more. She frequently collaborates with her husband, a renowned children’s book author and illustrator Phillip stead and has landscaped her home to influence them to produce high-quality work.

She has a multi-step process of creating illustrations which involve sketches, woodblock printing, and line drawing as a final polishing process.

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