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7 Tips to Organize a Family Trip

Traveling as a family is a first-rate organizational exercise and that is why we wanted to help you with 7 basic tips when organizing your family trip. Whether in summer, Easter or any other type of time, there are several aspects that are common to all the trips we share with the couple and the children.

  1. Choose Dates

The first thing when organizing can be the choice of specific or approximate dates (sometimes we have a possible fork, for example, the month of July), in any case, if it is convenient to know approximately the duration in days of the trip.We say that the choice of dates may be the first organizational step of the trip, but it will not always be that way since there are times when we can choose the destination first and then the dates that best match it, or it may also be the case that we choose the dates once we have clear the budget with which we can also be influenced by the dates.

  1. Travel Budget

As we have pointed out in the previous step, the budget can significantly influence the chosen dates, but not only in that, but also in the destination, so it is a fundamental step when organizing our family trip.Either in a complex or simple way, a basic budget should mainly cover the following costs: accommodation for the whole family during all the days of the trip, transportation to the chosen destination, maintenance during the days of the trip (not only the food, this also includes everything you need to live) and some extra as unforeseen expenses that may arise.

  1. Choose the Destination

The key step in the organization of the trip is undoubtedly the choice of the destination, since other factors depend on it, which we will see later and that we will have to assess depending on the destination that is the cornerstone on which to ride our family trip.You can choose the destination with a funnel system that is, going from the widest to the most concrete, for example,national or international travel? National, coast or inland? Interior, cultural or more active? If you’re traveling to a remote location without cell service, you’d better get a GPS tracker to keep in touch with your family.

  1. Choose the Accommodation

We are advancing in the organization of the trip and choose the dates, the budget and the destination, you have to go to choose accommodation.If it is the case that the dates chosen are approximate because you have a possible fork, it will be much easier to find an accommodation that suits our tastes and/or needs more since we can move them somewhat depending on the availability of the accommodation.Each of the types of accommodation has its advantages and disadvantages, for example, in hotel-type establishments, we will have many services available and freer time than in an apartment or rural house, where we will have to make food (or go out to eat at a restaurant), etc. While it must be said that in reality, the characteristics of each of these types of accommodation are what will decide which one we choose.

  1. Choose the Means of Transport

We are going to the logistics issue of the transfer, so we will also consider that it is a family trip.The choice of means of transport will depend on the distance to be covered and also on the possibilities offered by existing communication routes. If it is a national trip or to nearby countries, we will usually have to choose between a “private” vehicle (either ours or rented) that will allow us greater autonomy during the trip when it comes to moving. If geographically it is not close to our place of residence, or, the use of public transport (airplane, coach, rail, etc.) that in this case will limit us a bit when moving in the same destiny. In any case, there are options for all tastes and we must prioritize according to the comfort, safety and possibilities we seek. So if you’re traveling by car, it’s a good idea to install a car GPS tracker in your car to make sure your family trip is safe.

  1. Pack Your Suitcase

Traveling entails by definition that we have to prepare a suitcase with everything we will need in our stay. When packing, the first thing we have to clarify is whether we have “freedom” of physical space or have any limitations, either because of the size of a trunk if we travel by car, the weight if we travel by plane, etc. We must also decide if we need any extra items such as the bunkers that are added in the cows of the vehicles, trailers, hire luggage supplements along with our plane tickets, etc.

  1. Travel, Discover and Learn

Finally, there is only the trip, we recommend that you are not only with the typical aspects of the destination, look for, learn and make the trip an apprenticeship. Traveling can make you richer.


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