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7 Exclusive iPad and Tablet Apps for Designers On the Go

Are you a creative designer? Looking for the best iPad or tablet applications for graphic designers? Are you going on a world tour? Want to capture attractive sceneries and wonders of nature? Then you need iPad and tablet apps to make your captured photos more attractive. Sometimes, when you’re on the go, priceless ideas flash into your mind. And if you happen to carry the modern and high-spec devices such as iPads or tablets around, having some of the high-rank iPad and tablets applications for graphic designers installed could mean the difference among capturing your best motivations or letting them slip away.

Before departure, check your electronic devices, if they are not working properly, sell used iPhones, iPads, tablets, etc and buy a new one for your new journey. You need high-spec devices to install heavy apps which will be useful during your voyage. But putting creative thoughts on paper, or rather tablets or iPads are just a short part of what creative designers do. Sometimes, life for graphic designers can get complicated with,

  • Planning tasks
  • Organizing tasks
  • Billing their clients for the works done

We will provide a comprehensive list with some cool productivity applications that are vital for graphic designers during their trip. Enjoy the eye-catchy usual design and top-notch illustration applications.

Best Traveling Apps for Designers

When you desperately want to work on the go, what will be the great solution? You must carry your devices such as iPhones, tablets, iPads or laptops and yes, it can be a great solution. But devices like iPads or tablets are more portable and easier to carry during travel rather than a bulkier laptop. The key challenge is searching the right applications and tools which meet the requirements of travelers and these apps help you make the most of your skills.

Gratefully, there are some prodigious choices out there that compare to and even surpass the helpfulness of some desktop software.

  • While all of these demanding applications work on different iPad versions
  • There is amplified functionality for most if you have an ‘iPad Pro’ with an ‘Apple Pencil’

Take a look below and get authentic information about these apps which are some of our favorites.

1.    Slack

What is the best business communication tool? Yes, Slack is the best tool that assists keep geologically different teams together, in just one place. Slack will support you to keep track of your priorities if you are a creative designer that is part of teamwork. This application also works as a platform where all tasks communications can be in one place.

You can easily share and edit your documents within this application and Slack integrates into your workflow and the agendas you already use,

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Twitter
  • Zendesk etc

2.    Adobe Comp

The best platform to show your creativity and Adobe knows creatives. Adobe is very quick to fix, so you can trust Adobe items and whenever there is a bug, they are with you. Therefore, it considers a perfect place for graphic designers and artists. Top features include,

  • Gestures that drop-in placeholder text
  • Basic shapes
  • Editable text boxes
  • Guides and grids to align
  • Work with spacing controls
  • Free fonts
  • Edit or rewind
  • Export the idea at any stage in your project timeline

Adobe Comp can be used with,

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Muse
  • Capture
  • Photoshop Mix
  • Photoshop Fix

3.    Parallels Access

Parallels Access application assists creative designers securely, rapidly, and simply access their apps remotely from a cell phone, iPad or tablet. To access files remotely after utilizing a cell phone device to make sure the continuity of business and other related in-house tasks.

Users can get the access24/7to check their laptops and desktop systems but without having to cart around the device (Computer/Laptop). Just launch a Mac computer or PC application from this Parallels Access app. This app includes,

  • iOS operating system, text controls in full-featured Mac PC applications
  • Within this app, with a single tap, the user can switch between any of the applications or windows.

4.    Pinterest

Pinterest the hot favorite platform for creative designers. This app is one of the eventual sharing platforms. It is motivating to explore the craft and creativity of masses of users. Creative designers from around the web use a Pinterest app to stay organized and motivated.

The major feature of Pinterest for users is that they can easily create different boards. These unique boards assist as a digital corkboard where every ‘album’ can be dedicated to a particular theme or new thoughts.

5.    Tayasui Sketches

If you are looking for an app for practicing or keeping your skills fresh, you will find the Tayasui Sketches app to be effective. This app will only be used on your portable devices. It features include,

  • Over 20 realistic tools
  • Watercolor wet brushes
  • Brush editor
  • Color eyedropper, it makes picture editing much more classy and clear-cut

6.    BiColor

The attractive thing about this app is that it assists in kick-start the artistic process for creative designers. The discreet puzzles and game designs challenge different users to use their problem-solving abilities.

If you want to increase workflow, you must try BiColor, but the design of the game is also a motivational act. When your brain feels puzzled on a design project then BiColor is the best solution for those users. Zone out, and acquire the advantages of brain puzzles.

7.    Colors

If you are in search of a color scheme generator, Coolors app is the answer. The creative designers type in colors or uploads a photo of their existing project to get a matching color combination recommendation through Coolors application. The palette can then be exported and saved as a,

  • PDF
  • PNG
  • SVG
  • SCSS


So, make proper arrangements before departure. Computer Repair in Dallas is the best option for you if you want to repair your electronic devices such as iPhones, iPads, and tablets. Why wait? Start your packing and explore the world and capture long-lasting memories in your high-spec devices.



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