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6 Tips for Becoming a Great Influencer

Influence Marketing is increasingly present in the lives of businesses and consumers. This is true in the context of large-scale sales markets as well as more complex negotiations. So it is worth understanding how it can fit into your Digital Marketing strategy. In this post, we separate some of the key questions from who wants to start doing actions with influencers. To clarify, we’ve broken down the topics into Influence Marketing tips that can help you lose the fear of investing some of your marketing dollars in these actions. Keep reading to see that this strategy can help you too!

  1. Don’t limit creativity

Don’t let your insecurity about dealing with your brand in an environment not as manageable as your networks impose obstacles on how you will structure your campaign. Remember that people want real and true messages, so don’t be afraid to dare and be creative.

  1. Marry channels, cross campaigns and explore combinations

An Influence Marketing strategy may only involve one influencer, but it is never just about the influencer. Think about how you can use your other channels to increase the reach of your message. If you want to use more influencers, create a dialogue between your communications and make sure the actions are not non-conversational posts.

  1. Hire an Agency or not?

If you are going to hire your influencer yourself, without an agency, please be aware that this is a new market. Many micro influencers and even major influencers do not yet have a public company, so it will be common to deal with hiring individuals.

Of course, the cost of performing an RPA contract is higher than the payment of an invoice issued by your contractor. However, if the influencer makes sense for your business, do not let this be a deterrent and plan ahead before making the negotiations.

  1. Micro or major influencers?

To avoid making a choice that will bring you more costs than results, think about your goal. Great influencers tend to draw more attention by the amount of people they can mobilize, but micro influencers tend to have a more intimate engagement.

Do not get carried away by followers’ numbers, but by the results that this influencer will give you.

  1. Watch out for the squares

An influencer will not always communicate with people in the city he is in. Ask your Pinterest Influencer Network  which of your followers’ top cities to understand if advertising with them makes sense.

For smaller companies, advertising with influencers that will bring in people from other cities or who will generate demand that you can’t meet can cause frustration among these consumers, so research carefully before closing your contract.

  1. Be aware of your influencer’s previous and subsequent behavior

Influencers are now more aware that their social networks are their brands, and most often try not to engage in controversy that could tarnish their image. When this happens, it is common for followers to charge an attitude from the sponsors of that influencer, asking if the attitude or comment matches their brand values.

To avoid any crisis, if the behavior of your influencer does not match what you preach as a company, the best solution is to terminate the contract. And before you sign a deal, do a Google search for controversies and the last 6 months of content from that influencer. If the dialogue held is in line with your principles, close your contract with ease.


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