5 Things Magicians Provide At Weddings

Not many people know the power of a Wedding/Cocktail Magician. Have you ever been to a wedding and were thinking, “when am I gonna get to eat?” Or maybe you didn’t know anybody, or God forbid, maybe, it was the same ol’ cookie cutter wedding you’ve been to time and time again! So why not hire a wedding magician Sydney?

Well during that time, the Bride, Groom, and Bridal party are busy taking pictures, and frankly that time could take a lot longer than one anticipates.


That’s where the magicians come in!! During the cocktail hour, they are there entertaining kids and adults alike! Magicians come in and break the ice for those tables that have a group of people that never met before. Because let’s be honest, most of the times you are at a wedding, you don’t know very many people. Or maybe your spouse knows people and you don’t. Your guests will have such a blast and they won’t be able to know if they are supposed to be laughing their head off or stunned in silence! And if the kiddos are getting out of hand or can’t keep busy, the magicians have got this!

What’s unfortunate is that you and the bridal party are typically busy during this time, so no worries, the magicians can come to your Love table at the end and do something special for you, or better yet, you can also have me come to the dinner rehearsal for a combined event and you, your spouse, and your bridal party can get a sneak preview what their guests will see on your special day.

  1. Quality Entertainment

This is only if you hire a professional Sydney magician, and not one you saw performing tricks on the street. The best way to choose a quality magician is by checking for names in the Magic Circle. The Magic Circle offers a list of names of all the top magicians in the country, so you can easily choose the one whose performances suit you best.

Another way to have quality entertainment at your wedding is by looking through video clips that are provided online on the magician’s page. Remember; only top professional magicians choose to keep an active online presence.

  1. Educated Professional

For a magician, professionalism is a lot more than just wearing the right clothes and saying the right words. When you hire a professional magician or have a magician show Sydney you can expect a full service. Professional magicians take the whole job in hand, making sure to provide their customer with proper invoices, receipts and references. And when they are hired, they study the atmosphere to judge the style of magic the situation warrants. A professional magician will always be well-prepared.

  1. Years of Experience

A professional magician has years of experience and has been part of hundreds of events, and then some. They know how to manage different situations to make them work in their favor. If you want to have a peek at their magic career, search for their name through a search engine to see images. When hiring a magician, remember to do so, since many professionals in the field might claim that they’ve performed for celebrities and royalties, but if there aren’t pictures of the event, then approach said magician cautiously.

  1. Unique Style

Okay, so your chosen magician might not make an appearance wearing a cape and a top hat, but that doesn’t mean they won’t have their own style to back their performance.

When choosing a magician, try to gauge the magician’s approach by scouring their website. Some magicians tend to go the fun way, while others maintain an aloof and dark approach to match their style. So choose the right magician wisely to suit your wedding theme and style.

  1. Affordable Cost

With magic being such a unique talent, you’d think that the cost of hiring a magician is an arm and a leg.

Nevertheless, most professional magicians actually offer their services at an affordable price, but only if their hiring meets several factors.

For instance, the magician has to know when your wedding is, how many guests there will be, and how long they will have to stay.

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