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5 Symptoms of Indigestion

Indigestion is one of the major health issues that almost all of you suffer sometimes in your life. If you eat too many oily and spicy foods and if you get full, indigestion is a common issue you can suffer from. It is such a problem that gives you a burning sensation at your throat and chest; you get a sour taste in your mouth, bad breath and lots of other symptoms. Many of you take common antacids, which are mainly over-the-counter drugs. Those medicines can give you relief, but if indigestion becomes a common problem in your everyday life, you have to be concerned about it. People, suffering from GERD, get the symptoms of indigestion. Consult your doctor to get relief from it. If your problem of GERD persists, consult a specialist as that can be the beginning of esophageal cancer. So, today, you will know the symptoms of indigestion to find the remedy of the ailment. Read on to know more-

  1. Feeling Full While Having Meal

This is one of the common symptoms of indigestion that almost all of you have suffered. If you feel you are full while having your regular meal, without having much food that means you are suffering from indigestion. Often, you don’t want to finish your meal if you feel like this.

  1. Bloating in the Upper Abdomen

When you are suffering from indigestion, gas builds up in your stomach and you feel tightness in your upper abdomen. This is called the bloating. Indigestion is strongly related to this symptom.

  1. Abdominal Pain

Not only you bloat, but you also suffer from an abdominal pain which really hurts. Usually, you get this pain at your upper abdomen area, between your navel and the breastbone. This pain can be mild to severe and doesn’t go away easily.

  1. Burning Sensation in Your Chest

This is quite irritating, but an important symptom of indigestion. While you suffer from indigestion, the bile juice travels from your stomach and returns to your esophagus. Therefore, you suffer from a burning sensation at your chest and throat and it stretches up to your navel. You also get a sour taste in your mouth this time which is very disgusting.

  1. Nausea

Finally, this is the main ailment that suffers from when you have indigestion. Indigestion happens as your body can’t digest the types of food you had. So, it will try to throw it out and that’ why you nauseate and feel to vomit.

So, these are the main symptoms of indigestion that you usually suffer. If you face these problems, you can try certain home remedies, like chilled milk, ginger tea, lemon water, etc. But, if you notice that such problems are coming back within little gap, and you are afraid of eating anything, it is time to consult your doctor. Any little symptom can lead to dangerous diseases, like esophageal cancer. So, ignoring can only create bigger issues.


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