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5 Must-Read Preparation Tips For SSC CGL Tier 3

It seems like you have successfully cracked SSC CGL Tier 1 and Tier 2 exam with good marks. That’s wonderful! You are now just a few steps behind achieving your goal. But that doesn’t mean it’s time to celebrate. Rather the steps now onwards will be much more difficult, hindering your pace of attaining success. 

Institutes that offer SSC CGL coaching in Delhi thus pay more attention to this stage of the exam. This tier is all about description writing that includes essay writing, letter writing, and precis writing. The primary intention of this tier is to examine whether the candidate is good at writing, especially in speed.

Read the blog below. Here you will hit some easy-to-go tips especially made by the experts for this tier. Take a look at them.


5 Must-Follow Preparation Tips For SSC CGL Tier 3 Exam

  1. Follow the pattern: As said, SSC CGL Tier 3 consists of three parts – essay writing, precis writing, and letter writing. And all three have their own pattern to follow. You just can’t use your own pattern and write on the topic.

    Search online or go through the latest books that provide samples and formats regarding these writings and practices. You can even take the help of teachers at SSC coaching in Delhi or nearby. They are experts in this.

  2. Read articles and gain knowledge: All three writing categories will be provided with a hot topic. Now, this can be either related to economy, culture, sports, nature, or in general. You must be prepared with all instead of taking any risks at the time of examination.

    The best way to do so is by reading everyday articles on the newspaper or online sites or look for essays related to relevant topics. This will certainly help you to reduce the risk of getting surprised in the exam.

  3. Manage your time: Time management was then a requisite in the last two papers and still now it is dominating the exam. Managing your time is completely up to you. But you can surely look for expert advice in this.

    SSC CGL coaching in Delhi or other institutes are specially designed to help the candidates in improving their speed and accuracy. You may visit them and take some advice.  

  4. Set up an order: Setting up an order – which one to complete first, is up to you. It is always recommended to answer the questions that you are well-prepared and have good knowledge on it. This won’t take enough time, rather it will give you some more time for the questions that you don’t have sufficient knowledge.

  5. Improve your grammar and vocabulary: Finally, the written exam is to check out the grammar skill of the candidate basically. Hence you should be good enough in your grammar. Try not to make silly mistakes. The best way to reduce grammatical errors is practice. The more you practice grammar, the more you will be confident in making sentences. 

    The same is for your vocabs. Reading articles, dictionaries, newspapers, will help you to gather more and more words. Try to find out new words, learn their meanings, and use them in your sentences, making your sentence much heavier. 

Guys, are you ready to give your best? Are you ready to crack SSC CGL Tier 3 exam? Then it’s time to warm up your mind, brush up your writing skills, boost up your speed, and sit for the exam with a fresh mindset. 

For more improvement, you may join Best SSC coaching in Delhi or at your place nearby and take some expert advice. 

Remember, SSC is not an option it is a choice that you have made for your career. Just go and grab it. It’s yours! 


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