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5 Features that Make Credit Card Customers More Satisfied than Ever in 2019

People often find it difficult to choose the right credit card from a pool of cards available in the market. However, there are certain features that are sought-after by most users. As long as those criteria are fulfilled, a user is likely to be satisfied with the card.

You may also contact the credit card customer care number and find the relevant information provided to you accordingly. Nevertheless, there are certain vital areas you need to identify in order to derive the utmost benefits offered by the card.

The below-mentioned points highlight the top 5 key features of the credit card that the users enjoy the most.

  1. Faster approval

Once you apply for a credit card, it is often seen that the approval takes a lot of time, after which you can ultimately start using your card. However, when the credit crunch appears, users tend to search for the best credit card in India that ensures faster approval.

The credit card customers seek quicker compliance so that they can gain access to credit easily during need. Users mostly prefer cards that take less time to approve and can be conveniently obtained without any hassles, for instance activating credit card through customer care services.

  1. Adaptable rewards

Rewards are the next key drivers that help to gain new users as well as retain the old ones. It is regarded as one of the alluring and best benefits associated with the credit cards. Users have confessed to the fact that they like to use the best credit card in India that offers them certain specific benefits such as cash back or reward points.

Most credit card users mentioned that rewards such as convertible points earned on making some purchases, redeemable points into cash are the most important factors that aid them to make the choice of their cards.

  1. Fraud monitoring

Although credit cards have become user friendly in nature and people use it quite conveniently, the benefit has come with some demerits too. There is an increased risk related to data leakage and security. Fraudsters can gain access of your information and make purchases too, which is completely undesirable.

There are multiple instances of fraudulent activities on credit cards. The most foolproof way to avoid your credit card from being hacked is by opting for cards which come with in-built security features. Therefore, users opt for the best credit card in India that has anti-fraud features and follows the prescribed fraud protection limits.

  1. Advanced features

Users have revealed that electronic chip protection, virtual and biometric cards are some of the advanced key features that they preferred to select the best credit card in India.

  1. Customer service

Credit cards come with a number of features and they are different based on the type of card. Every category has its own features and rewards associated with it. Therefore, a user is seldom able to identify those and work accordingly. Hence, they require an external source to guide them through.

Additionally, in case of discrepancies, a customer might want to seek help from a learned resource. In simpler words, all they are asking is for a customer support representative, to whom they can reach out at any point of time. Users generally appreciate quick and efficient redressal of the grievance. Therefore calling the credit card customer care number is the preferred option in such cases.

The Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard is an unprecedented credit card that offers numerous benefits ranging from faster approval, data security to customer service, altogether.

Moreover, you can also avail your pre-approved offer on your credit card through Bajaj Finserv. These offers help make the process of availing such financial tools easier and quicker. Pre-approved offers are also available on various other financial products including housing loans, personal loans, business loans, etc.

Therefore, what the customers are looking for can be broadly classified under security and assistance. The former includes features like fraud protection, data security into account, whereas the latter considers features such as rewards and aid in terms of credit cards during emergencies or any sort of disparity.


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