5 Android Hacks To Make Your Phone A Better Partner

Do you often look at your iPhone using friends and wonder if you should make the splurge as well?

Do you feel conscious about the abilities that the Iphone holds instead of your Android?

Do you feel like you could have done better simply if you had saved a little longer?

You aren’t alone.

Since the rise of the Apple smartphone giant, there is an ongoing debate between Android and Apple. Which one wins?

Well, I’m a firm believer in the Android being more of a bang for your buck headset rather than Apple.

Apple makes me feel as if I need to sign up for every club it’s part of, whereas Android makes me feel as if one sign up makes me privy to everything it has to offer.

So here, we are going to talk about some tips and tricks that help you get the best of your Android and how it only wishes the best for you.

So let’s talk about how your Android can better take care of you:

Find My Device

find device

Do ever wonder if you’ll be able to have a similar ability to track your phone like your Iphone using friends? Well you don’t need to look any further, its available right there in your Androids settings. You simply go into your settings search for “Find My Device” and set it up as needed. Now you don’t need to feel embarrassed in front of your Apple using friends when you lose your phone.

Guest Mode

Guest Mode

Do you have privacy concerns as to who is using your phone without giving you the heads up?

You don’t have to have a panic attack every time someone touches your phone with Androids Guest Mode.

The great thing about Guest Mode is once it is turned on; anybody using your phone can use its default apps, along with taking pictures and signing into their social media. However, once you turn off the Guest Mode, all your data is retrieved. In some cases you can simply set up the Kids Space mode to act as your Guest Mode.

PC Version On Your Browser

PC Version

In case you weren’t aware of this but despite mobile versions of sites have been developed, sometimes they are different from the PC version. Sure, mobile versions are important they help save your data and easier to navigate but some websites just feel and look better with the PC version.

Here’s how you can access the PC version on your Android device:

  • Open Chrome
  • Visit the website you want to view
  • Access Chromes settings by clicking on the 2 dots in the upper right corner
  • Select “Desktop Site”


Gesture Typing

You won’t realize how boring actual typing is till you’ve met Gesture typing also known as Glide typing. This is a feature through which you can simply glide your finger over the letters of the word you want to write and Androids’ intuitive interface will construct it for you.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

However, don’t get too excited it has its kinks but with long term usage it will learn the words you use often and after that you might face problems with words that may be new in your vocabulary.

You can access Gesture Typing through your Android settings. You simply open your Keyboards settings and turn on Glide Typing.

Screen Recording

The latest craze in the updates delivered to Apple users was the easy access to screen recording.

How else are you supposed to tease your friends about online shopping in Pakistan with free home delivery? Android users shouldn’t despair, we always have a way.

Screen Recording is simply an app download away. The most trust app at the moment is AZ Screen Recorder.

We know downloading an app for this purpose is extra work, but it’s a one-time thing. You don’t have to download our recommended app, there’s plenty others in Google store. However, you should do proper research about security measures the app utilizes in order to secure your material.

That was our top 5 hacks to help your Android become a better partner. Your Android is capable of so much more for example, locking your apps, becoming a remote or simply opening app with gestures. Even though these might seem like insignificant things, they make a different in your daily phone usage. But more than that, what matters is you don’t have to feel like your phone can’t have something someone else’s phone does.

Your Android has your back.

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