4 Essential Tools for Digital Marketing

What are the essential tools for those involved in Digital Marketing?

Of course, there are many, but here I want to talk to you about 4 essential tools for all those who, like me, work with different clients, mainly remotely and need to create content, reports, etc. and have everything at hand.

A tool for every occasion

One of the main features I look for in the tools that I use in my work is the ability to work anywhere, in any circumstance and from any device.

My main need is to be able to access my files from my laptop, tablet or smartphone without having to go crazy.

For this reason I much prefer those apps that are born specifically to satisfy this need.

As a digital marketer, consultant and blogger I need four basic functions:

  • Take notes quickly;
  • Write professional texts;
  • Sort different data and information;
  • Share files in the cloud.

Evernote: notes always at hand

One of the things I do most frequently is take notes. I often need to mark ideas and ideas, create lists and reminders for appointments and meetings.

One of the most efficient tools in this respect is without a doubt Evernote.

Evernote is a 2.0 notebook, a space where you can write down everything that comes to mind.

Inside you can create different specific notebooks or generic, group them in thematic stacks and index them by topic thanks to the tags.

In addition, you can also insert images and voice notes.

In short, Evernote is a useful and versatile tool that allows you to give vent to your creativity at any time and in any place.

This powerful tool also gives you the possibility to extract entire articles (or portions of them) from blogs and websites, saving them directly in your notebooks, to consult them later.

In its free version, it allows you to synchronize two devices in the cloud and store up to a maximum of 60 MB per month (they are not few, really!), But it cannot be used offline.

Evernote is a tool you can’t miss in your devices.

Google Docs: write without borders

Another activity I often do is write. The help of a word processor in this case is of primary importance because I need to draft all sorts of documents: from posts for my blog to internal documents, from quotes to reports for clients, etc.

The essential features that a writing app must have for me are three:

  • To be flexible and powerful;
  • Can be used on any device;
  • I can share changes and revisions with my collaborators.

The only app that performs these three tasks excellently and without limitations is Google Docs (Docs).

Google Docs is an intuitive word processor, full of interesting features, suitable for all devices and, to make matters worse, free!

I don’t think there is anything better on the market.

I have been using MSWord and LibreOffice for many years, but nothing compares to Google Docs in terms of managing digital and shared projects. In fact, it is born online and has innumerable native functions to be used in cross-device mode.

In short, Google Docs is a tool I can’t give up and I ‘m sure that if you try it, it will be the same for you too.

Google Sheets: your ally for calculations and tables

The third strummed I am talking about is part of the same suite as Google Docs and is Google Sheet.

Sheet is a powerful spreadsheet software that will allow you to create tables and graphs to keep all the data you need in order and analyze them.

Google Sheets (this is the Italian name of the app) will make you forget Excel quickly, guaranteed. It has a range of really remarkable internal tools that, thanks to the extensions (usable only on the web app), can be enriched based on your specific needs.

Thanks to the combination of Google Docs and Sheet, creating reports for your customers will really seem like a walk.

Share data and tables with whomever you want and keep track of each review in real time.

Google Sheet is undoubtedly the only free app able to do the job that was once entrusted to Excel and other similar extremely expensive and heavy apps.

If you work in marketing and need to manage and analyze small or large amounts of data, Google Sheet will be your number one ally.

Google Drive: share your files with whomever you want

The last tool I want to talk about in this article is Google Drive.

You probably know him already, I know.

Google Drive is the free cloud service offered by Google and allows you to store up to 15 GB of files of all types (the space is shared between all Google apps: Gmail, Docs, Photos etc.). Storage space can also be increased by paying a small monthly subscription fee.

With a Drive you can safely share your files with all your employees or customers.

By now, cloud services are basic for all those who work remotely, and beyond. Have all your files available, anywhere and from any device without operating system limitations.

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Helen graduated from the college of Sydney, and after that, she started working with a company called Reinstated Pros who do a consultation on how to get amazon seller account category approval. In the meantime, she manages her blog because Helen loves to travel around the world.

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