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3 Apps that help enhance your Intellectual Intelligence

A smartphone if comprised of a few intellectual apps that can surely act out as an incredible medium to attain knowledge. One may ponder on this stance but there is a vast number of apps residing today that are well comprised of information and data that are extremely helpful for anyone to enhance their intellectual knowledge. These apps are also highly influential when wanting to avail of knowledge of historical and present events. Various apps are concealed with knowledge in regards to various subjects and topics.


The idea to create an app comprised of a knowledgeable context for the audience is amazing. Since smart people can avail and take advantage of them as they are easily accessible pieces of information that help you to learn a thing or two. Previously it was never this easy or convenient to gain such a reliable and adequate amount of information that one can use to enhance their knowledge. To initiate your knowledge quest this article will truly prevail to be an asset to the readers via the below-listed apps.


Here are a few apps that can aid to enhance your intellectual intelligence without having to abide with any serious financial or time obligation:  


1- Today in History  

Developers created an app such as “Today in History” that is available to the Apple users for free. The app is best comprised in a manner to take on the daunting but admirable liberty to educate its users with an interesting perspective in regards to History. The information provided via this app to you is delivered with great precision and tendency that is broken up in pieces on a daily bases so that the content is easily digestible for you.


The app Today in History is well covered and adverse in such a manner that details such as events, dates, deaths, births, holidays and much more are provided of various periods and places from numerous historical events occurred. The app can be explored categorically amongst its popular classifications that are tech, entertainment, sports, and even science.


2- TED

TED Talks over in the former years has become an incredible known and popular medium that address various subjects. The app features with must-spoken of subjects. The best aspect of indulging in the videos and content provided by TED Talks is that they speak on essential topics and educate the audience on the subject while covering the topic extensively. Enhancing the intellectual knowledge of the audience without them having to seek such a perspective on such a crucial subject.


Most certainly not every person who wants to grow intellectually necessarily has the time to view the TED video that appears on their Facebook timeline. Exactly for such enthusiastic but occupied individuals, the “TED App” has been created. The TED app has incredible features that aid to keep track and connected with the trending and most preferred TED videos. It allows you with recommendations according to your previous videos watched while it also provides the ability to save/download videos offline on your watch list.


3- Daily Art 

The “Daily Art” app is a well comprised and in-depth knowledge providing the app. That is filled with knowledge regarding Art. Now may it be anything related to Art the app is comprised of all an individual requires. The Daily Art app is amazing for every kind of art enthusiastic. It tremendously helps rookies to excel ahead in their artwork by providing a daily bases art task. The artwork is a wide array of collection of over 2000 tasks for you.


The app Daily Art consists of a few incredible aspects that can truly drive a person that loves art bonkers. Via the app, you can swipe throughout the app to come across the other user’s previous compiled tasks. You can widely explore information and bios from an entire range of over 700 artists from across 500 museums. When viewed in the long term the app Daily Art is definitely a low investment to foster your love for art.


It is always best to invest in free time to enhance your knowledge. And each of these 3 apps that have been mentioned above is incredible mediums to excel your intellectual intelligence. Either of these 3 popular apps listed above will certainly increase your knowledge regardless of the topic or subject. Overall the main supportive fact is that there is no bad impact of using these apps since they will only benefit you in improving your intellectual level.



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