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10 Simple Tips to Keep Your Pets in Shape

Pet dogs and cats are heaven sent. These bring joy and companionship to humans, so in turn, they must do their best to care for them and keep them in shape. And aside from providing the best kind of food and proper medical care, pet owners should also ensure that their pets are in good shape. Pet dogs and cats in perfect health are active and are free from any medical condition; the following tips can help.

Toys For Exercise

There are so many toys for dogs and cats to keep your pet active and healthy. Frisbees and balls of all sizes may be used. You can play Frisbee or play catch with a ball. Aside from keeping him in shape and keeping you active, interacting with your pet brings invaluable advantages. Make the most out of playing with your pet using different kinds of toys by taking him out in a large outdoor area. A dog park is the best and the safest place to play in.

Encouraging Young And Old Pets To Play

How to make your pet dog love playing ball or Frisbee? Most dogs, especially young dogs, are very active and will be very eager to play anything with you. But what about old dogs?

Experts say that it’s never too late for adult or senior dogs to exercise. You need to make them interested in the activity. To do this, offer treats or give his favorite thing as a reward for playing with you. Of course, you must consider the health of your dog. If he is of poor health, consult your vet at once. Ask your vet for appropriate exercise routines considering your pet’s condition.

Exercise And Play With Owners

Designate a time in the day to take your pet out for training. Include him in your daily jogs or runs. Invest in a durable leash and prepare your pet’s walking bag filled with items like a small bag of treats, water, poop bags, a hand sanitizer and his favorite toys. You can also wear roller blades, skates or ride your bike while walking your pet.

Can you take your cat out for a walk or run? With cats, it’s a bit different. They may or may not like the sensation of being on a leash, so you need to take time to train your cat. Allow it to wear the harness at home and to get used to it. It won’t be too long when you take it out for a walk.

A Big Garden To Play In

The ideal place to play in for pets is a large garden. This way, your pets can play all day and at the same time, remain safe and secure. If you have ample outdoor space, make it pet-friendly by creating areas where they can play.

Use sandboxes where they can dig for toys, slides and playground equipment where they can play with a family member or have a tank or pool where they can swim and play in the water. Pets who love to swim and be in water will love this exercise.

Keep Your Garden Safe For Your Pets

A large outdoor area or yard should be pet-proofed before you let your pet out. Erect a tall fence that’s buried deep in the ground. This will prevent your pet from escaping by leaping or digging under the ground. Remove all dangerous items such as tools, paint, fertilizer, pesticides and cleaning products. Cover pools and other water features with safety covers. Also never keep your eye off on your pets. You may let them play outdoors but keep a close watch in case of any dangers.

Take Your Pet In Outdoor Public Places

But not everyone enjoys a large outdoor space. Some live in apartments, condos or townhouses with barely enough room to keep with pets. If this is your case, you can still keep your pet in shape by taking it to a dog park, to the beach or any large outdoor space.

Playing With Other Pets At Home

Pet dogs and cats can play together and with other pets as well. Let them play games outdoors or play with you indoors. As long as you’re near to intervene in case the play gets too rowdy, your pets will be safe and sound.

Maintain A Healthy Diet

Feed your pets the correct diet or a diet that’s appropriate for their age, size and physical condition. Maintaining an ideal weight will help keep them healthy and will allow them to live an active and happy life.

Your vet can help you with health conditions. Some common considerations when it comes to diet are the right diet for overweight pets and also the ideal nutrition for senior pets and those with medical conditions.

Consider feeding your pet food that’s natural, organic and has the right amounts of nutrients for your pet’s development. Regularly monitor your pet’s weight and height and take him to the vet for any problems.

Routines Are Very Important

Pet cats and dogs live by following daily routines. You must create a good routine daily when it comes to exercise and play. For instance, make every afternoon at 5 pm as the time to take your pet out for a walk. Rain or shine you must do this so your pet will develop this good routine which he will follow until his senior years.

Pets that live by a routine or a daily exercise schedule are less likely to be overweight and suffer from health conditions. And just like us, pets who exercise and play daily are happy and live fulfilled lives.

It’s Never Too Late To Start!

Whether you have a young, eager pet or a sensitive senior pet, you can start exercising and playing today. If you’re unsure about pet handling or how to get your pet into new activities because of a particular condition, consult your vet. Start slow, especially when you’re training a senior pet. You’ll be surprised how staying active and keeping your pets in shape can change your life and your pet’s life for good.


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