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Imagine a world where you can download videos from YouTube directly! Wouldn’t that be useful? After all, whether it’s a workout routine, an audiobook or your favorite movie etc. you can get these free of cost and in the nick of time.

The best part is all you need is an unlimited internet connection for the endeavor. Well, guess what? Converting videos directly via YouTube is possible and very easy. You just need to know the steps involved. So, today this blog will tell you all about YouTube mp3 downloader and discuss tips to use it.

Let’s Get Started!

What is YouTube Video Converter?

A YouTube to mp3 converter is basically a website or a tool that offers the option of converting YouTube videos directly into mp3, mp4, AVI, 3GP, WMV and other supported formats.

Now, this website or tool is of vital import to millennials as this does not require users to sign-up. Additionally, most YouTube to mp3 converters is generally compatible with all website browsers. Hence, whether you’re using Chrome, Opera, Mozilla, Bing or other browsers, if you pick the best YouTube to mp3 converter rest assured your selected video will get converted in high-quality.

Apart from this, you can convert an unlimited number of YouTube videos into any visual or audio format you like without limitations. Furthermore, if you have a stable internet connection you can enjoy super-fast conversations too.

[Note: keep in mind that when it comes to converting audios, you need to select an individual URL. The reason being the URL belonging to a playlist does not generally convert. So, for mp3 downloads, search the song individually and convert it via a YouTube converter.]

On that note,

How to Use a YouTube Converter?

As mentioned, a YouTube convertor is mainly used for downloading audio and videos. So, suppose you wish to use the YouTube downloader for converting selected instrumental pieces. All you need to do for this is do the following:

  1. Go to YouTube and open the instrumental piece you wish to download.
  2. Copy the URL link via Ctrl + C option.
  3. Open a new tap, and search for the best YouTube to mp3 converterThe best ones are the websites listed in the first 2 pages of the SERPs.
  4. Once you find a suitable website, open it and you’ll find an option like ‘paste URL’.
  5. In that section, paste the copied YouTube link via Ctrl +V option.
  6. After this, in the side or below, you’ll find options like convert to mp3, mp4 and so on. Select Convert to mp3 as you wish to download an audio file. You’ll be required to wait a few minutes until the file converts.
  7. Once done, the website will automatically inform you and present you with an mp3 file download link.
  8. Click the link and save it. You can either click ‘save as’ and download the file to a specific folder or you can wait while the file downloads in your PC/phone/tablet.
  9. Once downloaded, select the file and paste it in a music folder you created to enjoy it whenever and wherever.
  10. Now, repeat the procedure with all the instrumental files you wish to download.

Well, there you go! Wasn’t that easy? So, why wait? Hurry and find yourself the ideal YouTube mp3 downloader today and enjoy unlimited audio and videos downloaded permanently.

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