Every now and then, a major update is released by WordPress which is a must in order to stay relevant with the modern user base. WordPress development companies in India wait in anticipation of what new toys they get to relish each year. The same was the case with WordPress 5.1 version known as “BETTY”, and the setup will continue to evolve in the foreseeable future. Even when you hire a WordPress developer today, he will have to be aware of the major alterations that could make previous strategies less effective.

So what makes 5.1.1 special (if at all), and what are the new improvements you might expect as a loyal fan base.

# An Overview:-

As you would expect, a number of bugs were fixed in version 5.1.1 (14 in total).

By their own admission, a few key points have been recognized by the WordPress development team this time around and they were mentioned as follows-

  • Hosts can now offer a button for their users to update PHP.
  • The recommended PHP version used by the “Update PHP” notice can now be filtered.
  • Several minor bug fixes.

# Major Developments and Fixes:-

  • Improved overall editor performance: The best thing the latest WordPress version has brought along is the refinement of a blogger’s experience. The two key features to note here are faster page initialization time and boosted typing response.

These factors facilitate the trafficking aspect of your content and make the process of generating content a little more enjoyable.

Also, the optimization of the background has meant that the websites generated via managed WordPress hosting have higher functionality.

  • Security checks for plugins in PHP version: Even though WordPress always had a number of in-built plugins, developers often felt the need to install third-party plugin providers for creating better websites, but that had its own risks.

WordPress 5.1.1 can detect if your PHP version is outdated and whether a website is insecure. If that seems to be the case, it will automatically send you a notification in the dashboard prompting you to update your PHP version. WordPress now includes checks for PHP version compatibility with plugins.

  • Dashboard notification for PHP version update: Because WordPress has been in existence for close to two decades, often it has had issues in terms of compatibility with the latest PHP versions.

That complication has been addressed in WordPress 5.1.1 as it finally embraces the usability of all the latest PHP versions. WordPress is now finally getting on board with pushing the usability of PHP updates (likes of PHP 7.2 and above as well).

In fact, if you still employ the older PHP version with your WordPress 5.1.1 version, you’ll automatically receive the notification advising you to upgrade to the latest PHP. A number of similar tools and notices have been introduced to promote PHP versions and compatibility.

  • Multisite metadata: In order to store metadata with relevance to their sites, a database table has been introduced for that. The developer can store the metadata across a multisite network. The ease of data handling has been revamped as a result.
  • New JavaScript Building Processes: JavaScript building features have been included as well, that came courtesy of the following the large reorganization of the coding processes that were undertaken with WordPress 5.0 and later versions.
  • Bug Fixation: As mentioned earlier, as many as 14 major bugs have been fixed to boost the efficiency of your work.

Conclusion: it’s fair to say that the WordPress 5.1.1 has focused on its ‘Site Health’ vision. As the leading WordPress development company in India, we can safely say the aforementioned features facilitate the already impressive user-friendly approach of the framework.

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