What is a Polyclinic Business Plan?

According to research, India is short of 4, 97,189 doctors to meet the World Health Organisation (WHO) standards. This deficiency has increased investments in the polyclinic industry, medical institutions and healthcare centres in recent years. Polyclinics provide numerous services to their patients and reduce the hassle of visiting different clinics for different purposes and medical examinations.

Thus, if you are an entrepreneur or a doctor and planning to invest in the polyclinic industry, make sure you gather proper knowledge and have a concrete business plan. Read on to know more about what is a polyclinic business and how to execute your strategy appropriately.


Before you plan a business, you should know what is a polyclinic and the services that they offer. A polyclinic is a health centre where you get various medical services like pathological examinations, doctor consultation services and more. The services and facilities provided are higher in number than that of a regular clinic.

Things to maintain when you execute your plan to start a polyclinic

  1. Hygiene

The most crucial factor to keep in mind when you start a medical centre is to keep a proper check on the hygiene. As several patients with various contagious and non-contagious diseases visit these polyclinics, you should perform frequent sterilization of the equipment that is in use. Ensure proper cleaning of the restrooms and other pathological examination cabins.

  1. Doctor availability

Have a good number of experienced and practising doctors. Appoint doctors from different fields such as cardiologists, orthopaedics, neurologists, dieticians, etc. Have an adequate amount of nurses and assistants to help the doctors.

  1. Laboratory

Apart from the total cleanliness, focus more on the hygiene of the laboratories. Have proper resources and equipment that are required.

  1. Working staff

From workers in the billing department to the attenders and receptions, make sure to hire the right team who would maintain proper workflow. Before you hire your staff, consider making a list of your requirements and follow it as a guide to transforming your clinic to a polyclinic and hire accordingly. Friendly working staff would ensure a safe and secure environment for the patients.

  1. A marketing department and customer service

Have the right marketing department to increase the public recognition for your polyclinic. Remember to create an atmosphere of comfort for your customers while you execute your marketing practises. This would also ensure the increase in the patient ratio of your centre and would bring in profits. Along with the marketing department consider having a proper customer service department to help the patients and their families with any problems they face.

  1. Space and locality

Decide on the location of your polyclinic, keeping in mind the patient-to-doctor ratio of the area. Also, evaluate what is a polyclinic ratio of an area. Consider setting up your polyclinic in an area with lower polyclinic ratio and higher patient ratio. This way, you would advantage the patients and would gain quicker acceptance. Have a large infrastructure to confirm the comfort of the visitors and working staffs.

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After you have accumulated the required funds and have gained proper knowledge of what is polyclinic and have a concrete business strategy, consider the above mentioned points while you execute. In addition, maintain a proper track on the finances and expenditures of your centre. To ensure authenticity, consider informing your patients the registration number of practising doctors by mentioning it on the header of the prescription or the display board of your polyclinic and keep the timings of your centre flexible.

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