Ways to Save Money Shopping Online

Due to the rise of an e-Commerce business, online retailers seem to be becoming more popular and creative these days. We do have the freedom to buy anything around the world, and the comfort of shopping from home has made things easier for everyone. After all, there is always some essential we need to buy like groceries, food, gifts, etc. and that’s where this post comes in! Have you ever asked yourself, “Are there ways to save money while shopping online?” If not, this article will help you grab a bargain wherever possible.

Become a smart buyer or deal hunter by try using these clever online shopping tips for your future purchases. 

1. Buy at the best time

A bit of planning saves you a lot of money. You probably know that certain things get cheaper during the Holiday season. Same as online retailers offer deep discounts on blankets, sheets, towels, in January (off-season). Also, if you know that you need to buy something regularly, and the items are on sale, then why not buy it in bulk. Stocking up your must-haves will save a good amount but stock up though if you have enough space to accommodate things.

2. Use multiple coupon codes strategically

Many e-Commerce websites allow you to combine different promo codes and coupons at the checkout, so use them in the right order. For example, you have a coupon for 10$ and promo code for a 20 percent discount, apply 20% first which will get subtracted from the full price, afterward you can enjoy more discount with your $10 coupon. 

3. Ask for price-drop refunds

VERY cheeky – but VERY smart sometimes.

Say you purchased a product yesterday, but the very next day, you see it was now on sale. Frustrating, right? No worries! Some large e-Commerce stores like Amazon will refund you the price difference if you ask them to do so within a certain time period (most probably 7 days) from the delivery date. Isn’t it amazing? 

4. Organize your emails

If you love a store and look forward to receiving emails from them, then you should sign up for their mailing list. The advantage of doing so is that subscribers often get discounts throughout the year. 

TIP – Add your birthday– because often you get a special treat when that date rolls around!

5. Take advantage of reward programs

Some online shopping apps offer you to redeem special bonuses if you perform certain actions. Like you can earn a reward by merely browsing around product catalogs or doing paid online surveys that can be exchanged for special discounts. For instance, Swagbucks TV offers you an opportunity to earn Swagbucks for simply watching videos. This is how you can redeem your rewards as discounts from different online merchants like iShopping, Daraz, homeshopping, etc. 

6. Bargain with the customer service

Sometimes while checking the email, we just discover discount coupons in our inbox and realize it has expired one day ago. Now, its time to ring up the hotline and ask if they can extend your voucher as you want to make an order. Typically, customer reps love to close the deal, so they will either give you a new promo or extend the expired one. Alternatively, you can go to the retailer’s website for live chat. Be polite and ask them questions about the item you’d like to purchase and then ask if there are any discounts.

7. Compare prices online

Who doesn’t want to get discounts and save money while shopping online? Before putting items in the cart, don’t forget to compare the product prices listed on other websites. The internet makes it simple to compare product prices online by using smart price comparison tools. So make comparison shopping your habit and enjoy the best deals always. 

8. Keep items on your wish list

If you’ve subscribed to newsletters, you’ll get emails when a price has dropped (price drop alerts). Make sure you sign-up and have an account on the site. Also, keep it logged in to get alerts. Many retailers give reward 10-15% off coupons at the time of signing up as an email subscriber.

Tip-keep a separate email account for online shopping, so you don’t feel frustrated with lots of promotions and spam in your regular use email account.

Final thoughts

In this article, we’ve summed up the best tricks to save money online, but if you have any favorite online shopping trick that you would like to share with us, share them below in the comment section. This can help create awareness!


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