In the 21st Century, World has gained certain momentum in technology growth. The multimedia element, Video, can be used as an efficient tool in the modern era against security concerns and research. This use of videos can be expanded under Video analytics, i.e., the process of observing the elements of videos to analyze events, objects, and monitoring accordingly for recognition of different aspects.

When it comes to video analytics, it is classified into many molded types. In evolution, the video analytics has been changed from past methods, but the core remains the same, i.e., three bases, which include event-based, player-based, and technology-focused. Modern Techniques try to achieve excellence in more than one of above-based basis.

Video Analytics as Service:

Video Analytics, which can also be termed as Video content analysis or (VCA). Again, it is simply the capability of automatically analyzing videos. Finally, they are used to detect and determine temporal (time specified) events based on parallel frame detection and manipulation. The Video analytics service companies tend to provide the following services and even more:

  • Detect intrusion to secret or prohibited regions
  • Detection of suspicious Object using advanced techniques
  • Detection based on people and their actions like ‘fallen’ Person
  • Detection of Crowded People within the range.
  • Counting the number of people within the range
  • Easy and worthy setting interface to avoid clashes.

Most importantly, a combination of above services will enact together so that a ‘scenario’ type or condition-based detection can be used. Which makes it possible to focus on user-specific systems rather than normal services. One can call it as a custom service. The different concepts in artificial intelligence such as use of deep learning and neural networks can revolutionize the security surveillance and pattern detection systems.

More predominantly, highly efficient and user-friendly video analytics solution that monitors behaviors and flags any actions pre-determined as unusual. The security services can detect suspicious behaviors more proactively, precisely and accurately with new “Behavioral Analyzer” tool. The Behavior Analyzer is able to work with wide-ranging cameras, which can be the third party.


Video Analytics base: Analytics Software

Modern Video Analytics is predominantly based on combining the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence. Most of the Examples may include Google lens or Yolo object detection, face recognition, and many other technologies that have evolved. Again, advanced ML algorithms opt. So, the expectations of Video Analytics Software include the following:

  • They must have a complete range of network video solutions. These may include cameras and encoders, VMS and recorders, and mainly analytics and applications reduce costs to ensure scalability and simplify of integration at the required destination.
  • They should be able to provide Open access control solutions. This helps integrate seamlessly with other systems
  • They must have high-quality audio systems to improve security. The scheduled announcements and great background sound are important to factor for verification respectively.

With such advancement in the field of video analytics, many businesses have warmly welcomed the advanced solutions provided by the detection and performance mechanisms. Wobot has already started providing a high-end service for SOP based video analytics with high accuracy and eventually good decision making respectively.

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