Uses and Benefits of Bit Guardian Parental Control Android App

Have you been noticing lately that the use of parental control app is inevitable for the combating kid’s online exposure?

Indeed! The answer is yes.

Securing your child from digital activities is next to impossible. But parental control app keeps a close eye on kids’ cyber tasks.

Are you seeking the best Android Parental Control App?

Now, if you have made up your mind to use parental control, it means you are ready to adopt the best one in the market.

Before getting into the best solution software, let us provide you in-depth knowledge about parental control Android app and its benefits.

What is Parental Control App?

A parental control app enables parents to observe the child’s online activities. With this program, parents can restrict and monitor kid’s electronic gadget.

From the vast source of internet information, only a few of the data is healthy. Filtration of web content is essential to save time, energy, and to avoid undue cyber attractions.

As a parent, it is essential for you to know what your kid is searching over the internet.

Are children using the right source for the right purpose? Aren’t they getting driven by cybercrime or cyberbullying? 

All the above questions get resolved with Parental Control App.

Bit Guardian Parental Control- An Android Parental Control App

As the name suggests, Bit Guardian Parental Control App acts as a digital guard for kids. This software is specially designed to help Android users, and is essential for both parent and a kid.

This Parental Control Android App is quite a comprehensive tracking and monitoring package in the parental control spectrum. One of the best features of this software is, you can add any number of children with one login.

Bit Guardian Parental Control gives in-depth insights into what is stored in your kid’s phone, how do they use each application and how much time they spend on it.

To get a clear picture on each of Bit Guardian Parental Control’s features, scroll down your screen.

Features of Bit Guardian Parental Control:


  • Panic and SOS Alert: It alerts you immediately when your child is in danger.
  • App Block: It blocks the inappropriate and unwanted apps in your kid’s device.
  • App Install Block: This feature bans the downloading of a new application on a child’s phone.
  • Kiosk Mode: You can allow your kid to use only selected apps. This feature will create a new launcher on their device.
  • GPS: This feature works excellent with the addition of Geofencing tool. It helps you to set virtual boundaries for kids, which is outlined by a radius and works as per defined settings. If your child has a habit of over speeding, the speed limit alert will notify you once they go beyond pre-defined velocity.
  • Call Blocker: Restrict spam or suspected callers from your children’s phone and block them permanently. 
  • Time Schedule: It is a simple yet powerful tool which turns off the screen to avoid excessive usage. Time Schedule is also important to set the priorities for other tasks like studies, sports, hobbies rather than remaining glued to the screens. Set a timer for each app and organize your child’s daily routine.
  • Anti-Theft: Accidently, if a child loses their phone, this feature helps in finding it with the GPS tool. It also permits you to remove all data from the kid’s device and can reset the device remotely.

Uses and Benefits of Parental Control App:

  • Safeguards kids from threats:

 Cybercrime and cyberbullying are penetrating the tech world. Kids can easily sway away when they are exposed to inappropriate content.

With control of the child’s device in your hand, you can feel secure against cyber threats.

  • Increases Proximity:

Monitoring a kid’s device will strengthen your relationship. When your child has to unblock or use a specific application, they will approach you and seek permission. If the request sounds undesirable, you can deny and explain the pros and cons of the software.

  • Parents can keep an eye on internet affairs.

When a child reaches their maturity level, they need to be monitored from head to toe. Parental control app acts as a spy guard for internet affairs. It saves your kid from superfluous web materials. You can see if your kid is getting addicted to games or social media sites and immediately put a brake on those apps.

  • Encouraging more fruitful activities

When the screen time is set, it drives children towards more productive activities like hobbies, playing outdoor games, spending a gala time with friends, and helping in household chores too.

All the above activities will result in more amazing outcomes if you participate along.

Apart from the activities mentioned above, there are various other advantages for kids that can be experienced by downloading Bit Guardian Parental Control App

An industry renowned app will live on your expectations. Occupy your device’s space with the right software before it’s too late. Install the Bit Guardian Parental Control app, the best catch in the market.

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