Top 5 Games That Improve Your Focus

What is the one thing almost everyone on this world possesses and is glued to? That is right, a smartphone. The pocket-sized supercomputers that place all the wealth of human knowledge literally in the palm of our hand. Then there are apps that stream videos, music, movies, and TV shows. There are also a number of addictive social media apps that keep you constantly checking your feed. Today we live in an age of highly accessible smartphones and Spectrum TV Packages. So is it any wonder that many people fear that our dependence on smartphones is weakening us?

5 Games That Help Improve Focus and Mental Reflexes

There are so many arguments both for and against smartphone use affecting brain function that it would be impossible to list them all. At least not in a single blog. But one argument particularly resonates with a lot of people. If technology is indeed weakening us, why not use the same technology to strengthen our weaknesses instead?

This is where the industry of so-called brain training software enters the picture. What they do is create software and applications that supposedly enhance neuron activity and make us smarter over time. They are designed to present challenges to their users that improve their mental agility. Since we love being on our smartphones all the time anyway, many of these brain-training apps take the shape of addictive apps.

But why choose smartphones to train our brains? There are a number of solid reasons. For one thing, your brain-training sessions will only last for short periods. For another, you should ideally have the freedom to start a session anywhere. In both cases, a smartphone is a perfect medium. You can take it anywhere with you and start a session at your convenience, even in the office restroom. Check out our list of these top 5 apps that can help improve your focus and brain reflexes:

  • #5 100 Logic Games
  • #4 Math Workout
  • #3 CongniFit Brain Fitness
  • #2 Eidetic
  • #1 Lumosity

Let’s take a closer look at these apps and see what makes them such good tools to sharpen your mental abilities.

#5 100 Logic Games

The first game on our list is a free release from independent developer Andrea Sabatini. The aptly named game contains one hundred different logic games and puzzles that give your brain a thorough workout. The game developer does not believe in regimented training, so you can choose which sort of mental activity you want to do. The game does not track your progress or measure your achievements, unlike a lot of other apps on this list. 100 Logic Games is just a way to have fun while you build your logical skills and problem-solving abilities.

#4 Math Workout

Nobody really likes math. In fact, if you ask any number of people, you will find most of them hated (and were poor at) math as a subject. This may not seem alarming until you consider that our very civilization is based on mathematical equations and laws. Numerous studies suggest mathematical skills are the key that opens the door to other disciplines of science and art. While you may not necessarily use it in everyday life, mathematical problems are actually a great way to keep your mind sharp. Which is why Math Workout is on this list. The simple, fluid app lets you hone a variety of mathematical skills as you progress. You can even monitor your improvement on the app’s dashboard.

#3 CongniFit Brain Fitness

Most of you will have heard about CrossFit and how it improves your physical strength and well-being. CogniFit is like CrossFit for the brain. The brain fitness app first maps your cognitive ability. It also measures your spatial perception as well as your memory through 10 challenging levels. The developers behind the app are actually part of a larger organization that was founded in 1999. Its purpose was to investigate whether the software can improve cognitive ability. In addition to apps that improve brain fitness, the developer has also released apps for emotional awareness.

#2 Eidetic

As we grow older, our memory is one of the first things that start deteriorating. Even if you do not have a history of Alzheimer’s disease in your family, you will experience a decline in your memory as you age. The reason behind this is that the brain aggregates a lot of knowledge and experience over the years. Sometimes so much that accessing those memories becomes difficult. Eidetic is an app built to help improve your memory using several fascinating principles. It uses spaced repetition to repeatedly quiz you about bits of information you wish to remember.

#1 Lumosity

Lumosity is the top app on our list of apps that help improve focus and mental agility. Released officially in 2007, the app has over 70 million users across the globe. Using scientific studies as a basis, the app offers a mental regimen that can help improve mental ability and memory. The app first evaluates your mental ability in a number of different areas. It then designs a special program for you that takes up only 15 minutes of your day.

The best thing is, all these apps work well both on Android as well as iOS. This means they will work on the smartphone you got with your Spectrum internet plans. All you need to do is download them from your phones App Store or Play Store and get started. Starting exercising your mind today for a better, healthier brain as you age.

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