Things You Can Do with App Cloner

Today we are going to talk about AppCloner application, which allows you to create and run multiple copies of one program on an Android device. As the name suggests, App Cloner is a tool for cloning applications on Android. Using App Cloner APK on one device, you can easily create several copies of the same application. The service allows you to set access rights to use applications, replace icons on copies, automatically copy application files when “cloning”. The tool also works with Android Wear devices.


A duplicate of an application on the smartphone can come in handy for creating an additional account in the social network or messenger, for separating work and personal accounts. App Cloner for Android not only creates additional applications but also allows you to apply individual settings to them.


Even if the smartphone initially does not support the configuration of two accounts of one messenger, you are not deprived of the opportunity to install a second WhatsApp. To do this, you have to download a third-party application. There are a lot of them, but they all work on the same principle. But when it comes to the reliability of these apps, App Cloner is the one to go with.


App Cloner premium version is available for $4. But you don’t have to worry about purchasing the premium version since the key features are offered for free. However, not all services can be “cloned” using the App Cloner – for example, Google, Viber, WhatsApp and others are not subject to copying. If the copied application is integrated with Google services (Google Maps and others), the functionality will not be fully copied.


If you’re planning to clone an Android game, then you should know that running multiple duplicates of the game at the same time will most likely fail. If the game is online, then launching several copies of the application from one device will not be provided on the server at all. So we highly recommend you to do this with only apps.

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